Can Monta Ellis be the Mavs next franchise player?

With the offseason approaching for the NBA, this is a time for fans all around the league to play out the “what if” scenarios and deciding who their team needs.

Each team has its own needs, but the Dallas Mavericks are in an interesting position, kind of “in between” phase. The man who has carried the Mavs franchise for 16 seasons is five years away from the big 4-0. Yes, that’s right, Dirk is 35 years old and while that doesn’t seem very old to us normal folk, in basketball years, that’s almost ancient.

Nowitzki (turning 36 on June 19) has carried the weight of the franchise for some time now. But, as he is exiting his prime, it’s time to start thinking about life after Dirk. Scary to think about for a franchise that has depended on one man for so long, but don’t fret MFFL’s the future is looking bright for Dallas.

This past season has been the most successful since the unforgettable title run back in 2011, thanks to the acquisition of Monta Ellis, Jose Calderon, and DeJuan Blair. Ellis proved to all of his doubters that he can be a very valuable asset in crunch-time, making him the most athletic, and dynamic guard Dirk has played with (sorry Steve).

Now, keeping that in mind, and knowing that Ellis signed a multi-year deal with Dallas, regardless of your opinion of the guy we’re stuck with him for a few more years. That isn’t a bad thing due to the efficient pick and roll play that was nearly unstoppable between him and Dirk this past year.

Now I’m sure you’re asking yourself, “Can Monta be a franchise player?” By himself? No. With the right people, and right coaching staff? Most definitely he does. Ellis has been known to be a “ball-hog” and not a team player in the past, but that’s due to the fact that he has had to shoulder most of the offense for his past teams (cough, cough Milwaukee). This year he played second fiddle to a highly efficient Dirk, but the tall baller from the G only has a few more golden years left. What do we do?

Ellis is 28 years old and has a lot of good years left in him. Should the Mavs shift their focus to him and the future? Maybe.

This offseason is crucial for Dallas as they can try to land a big fish or fly under the radar and grab another Monta-type player. There are a lot of big names that will be on the free agent list this summer that Dallas has a good shot at getting.

One thing is certain, we can’t ignore the fact that Dirk is getting older, because if we do then we’ll be in the same position as the Lakers, and that seems terrible. Whatever the Mavericks decide to do, it’s still important to make sure Dirk is the main guy, but also keeping one eye on the future to avoid a rebuilding season… or seasons.


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