Mavs Free Agents: Buy or Sell

Coming into this offseason, the Dallas Mavericks have 6 free agents including Dirk, Vince Carter, Dejuan Blair, Bernard James, Devin Harris, and Shawn Marion. In order to create the best roster possible for next season not everyone can be resigned. I have created a pros and cons list for each player as well as a final decision on wether they should be resigned.

Dirk Nowitzki

Decision: Buy (What did you expect)

Vince Carter

• One of the best sixth men in the league
• Shoot’s 40% overall and 39% from 3
• Veteran
• Clutch moments

• 37 years old
• Only 2.6 APG and 3.5 RPG

Decision: Buy

Dejuan Blair

• Give Mavs physical presence down low
• Fierce competitor
• Efficient
• Doesn’t like Spurs fans lol

• Only 6’ 7’’
• No ACL’s

Decision: Buy for cheap

Bernard James

• Shoots high percentage

• 29 years old
• No real experience
• Low FT percentage

Decision: Sell

Devin Harris

• Quick
• Defense
• Fan Favorite

• Shot 38% overall and 30% from deep
• Low scorer
• Slowing the development of Shane Larkin and Gal Mekel

Decision: Sell

Shawn Marion

• Defense
• Shot 48% overall
• Great rebounder
• Veteran

• 36 years old

Decision: Buy and convince a bench role

With the resigning of some of the teams veterans, the Mavericks will continue to have some of the best locker room leadership in the league. If Devin Harris is let go in free agency, Shane Larkin will have a chance to rise to the occasion and show how good of a player he really is. If Dirk and Shawn Marion both resign for less money, it will give the Mavs front office a better chance of bringing in a real difference maker through free agency in hopes of returning to the playoffs next season.


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