Skip Bayless doesn’t think Dirk Nowitzki is a Hall of Famer

There’s no debate. Why are we even having this discussion? Move on, there’s nothing to see here. And finally, who would think anything different?

Apparently Skip Bayless.

As you all know, on an episode this past week of ESPN’s awesome, never-to-be-missed First Take, Skip, co-host Stephen A. Smith and guest, rapper Lil’ Wayne, were discussing Lebron James, the Miami Heat and the NBA Finals.

The group was discussing Lebron James being compared to Michael Jordan. Stephen A. Smith said no one will be greater than Michael Jordan but that Skip Bayless shouldn’t disrespect Lebron James. Skip Bayless said Michael Jordan only losses were against legends like Isaiah Thomas and Larry Bird. Stephen A. Smith commented that Lebron has lost in the Finals to Tim Duncan and one Dirk Nowitzki.

Skip’s answer: “I don’t think you should put Dirk Nowitzki in there.”

Wait. What he say? Or in today’s terminology – “Oh no he di-int!”

Lil’ Wayne sat up straight in his chair and said, not once but twice, “What do you mean? What do you mean?”

The always-ready-to-pounce Stephen A. shot back to Skip, “Really?” The ensuing conversation went like this:

Lil’ Wayne: “Is he not a Hall-of-Famer?”
Stephen A. Smith: “Is Dirk Nowitzki not a Hall-of-Famer?”
Lil’ Wayne: “Is he?”
Skip: You both are a Hall of Famer in the NBA. Everybody goes in the Hall of Fame.
Lil’ Wayne: “Skip you’re being a despicable monster.”
Stephen A. Smith: “You are ridiculous.”

Ok, first of all, Skip did say he is a Spurs fan. Second, Skip are you nuts? OF COURSE Dirk is a Hall-of-Famer. How could you even question that?

Let’s examine the evidence:

* Ranked in the top 10 in ALL-TIME scoring

* Led the Mavericks to the NBA Playoffs 13 times (2001–2012; 2014).

* Led the Mavericks to the franchise’s FIRST Finals appearance in 2006 and ONLY championship (so far) in 2011.

* 12-time NBA All-Star and 12-time All-NBA Team member

* First European player to start in an All-Star Game

* 50/40/90 season

* 3-Point champion

* NBA Most Valuable Player Award in 2007

* NBA Finals Most Valuable Player Award in 2011

* First Maverick voted onto an All NBA Team

* Career 23 PPG 8 RPG

* Holder of several Mavericks franchise records

* Top 3-5 power forward in NBA history

The list is truly endless of his achievements.

To question his Hall-of-Fame-worthiness is just plain, I’ll say it, dumb.

We love you on First Take Skip for the entertainment, but you opened up more than just Pandora’s Box making that comment about Dirk.

We don’t take too kindly around these parts to talking about our superstars.

The whole world knows Dirk is a first ballot Hall-of-Famer.

And that includes Lil’ Wayne.


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