2014 NBA Draft prospects Dallas Mavericks must target

The 2014 NBA Draft is just one week away. The Dallas Mavericks currently have the 34th and 51st overall picks. Oklahoma City Thunder finally acquired the Dallas Mavericks’ 21st pick in first round, through the Lamar Odom (Who?) trade. The positive to that, is the Mavericks can now trade first round picks. Should the Mavs move up? Should the Mavs package the picks in a trade for a player? Time will tell, but I will give you top priorities going into the draft.

Draft priorities

1. SF: With Marion and Carter free agents, this could be the position that you need to bring someone in. The Dallas Mavericks will be going after Free Agents Carmelo Anthony, Luol Deng, and Trevor Ariza during Free Agency. With the NBA Draft being before Free Agency, it is always a great thing to prepare for the worst. The Mavs got a steal in Jae Crowder with the 34th pick in 2012, maybe they can get lucky again in the 2014 draft.

2. C: Samuel Dalembert is past his prime and can be very inconsistent. Brandan Wright is an offensive player that would be best utilized at the Power Forward position, but a guy by the name of Dirk Nowitzki is currently at that position. Dejuan Blair and Bernard James are both Free Agents. The Mavs could use a defensive minded center that brings defense, size, rebounding, and energy to the team.

3. Youth: The Dallas Mavericks had one of the oldest rosters in the NBA this past season. Whoever they get, will definitely give the Mavs some athleticism and youth to build on the future. Especially, if the Mavs decide to bring back all of their veteran free agents.

Potential Targets: Jerami Grant (Syracuse), PJ Hairston (Texas Legends/ North Carolina), KJ McDaniels (Clemson), Mitch McGary (Michigan), CJ Wilcox (Washington), Cleanthony Early (Wichita State), Walter Tavares (Spain), Nikola Jokic (Serbia)


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