Dallas Mavericks interested in Luol Deng, Pau Gasol?

The Dallas Mavericks might be looking into signing established veterans this offseason to build a team around Dirk Nowitzki in his final years in the NBA. According to ESPN’s Tim MacMahon, Pau Gasol and Luol Deng will be off-season targets for the Dallas Mavericks.

“My educated guess at the Dallas Mavericks starting lineup next season: Jose Calderon, Monta Ellis, Luol Deng, Dirk Nowitzki and Pau Gasol.” Tim MacMahon stated.

Of course the Dallas Mavericks front office is one of the rare organizations that does not leak out information to the media until it is official, but we can’t ignore that MacMahon has inside sources within the Mavs.

This would instantly turn Dallas into an offensive powerhouse, which already ranked 8th in points per game. Luol Deng would provide the 3rd option the Mavericks are looking for and Pau Gasol (Jose Calderon’s teammate from Spain) would provide a low post scorer and rebounding. Luol Deng is a solid defender, but the defensive side of the ball would still provide some challenges with this lineup. The Mavs ranked 20th in points allowed last year and Rick Carlisle stated defense would be the top priority this offseason. Although, when you think about it, it would still be an upgrade from last season.

If this is the line up the Dallas Mavericks are considering, they have to bring back Devin Harris, Shawn Marion, and Sam Dalembert to join Jae Crowder off the bench to provide a balance of offense and defense.

What do you think MFFL’s?


One thought on “Dallas Mavericks interested in Luol Deng, Pau Gasol?

  1. I’d rather have Gortat obviously, or take a risk on Larry Sanders other than Gasol… Sanders would probably be cheap, high risk high reward

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