Devin Harris wants a three-year deal

The Dallas Mavericks have a decision to make with Devin Harris. According to Fort Worth Star Telegram Dwain Price, Devin Harris thinks the three-year $9 million free agent offer the Mavs rescinded after his toe injury, is “a good starting point.”

It all comes down to money. Devin Harris played a huge role for the team in the second half of the season and playoffs, but the Mavs have to set a limit on how much they are willing to pay Harris.

Point guard is arguably the deepest position in the NBA. The Mavs can very well get a quality back up point guard for the price the Mavs offered Devin Harris ($3 million per year) or less.

Patty Mills, Avery Bradley, Jodie Meeks, Greivis Vasquez, Darren Collison, Shaun Livingston, & including Devin Harris are some of the top back up point guards. The common thing that is between them all, is they all made less than $3 million last season.

The deepest position on the Dallas Mavericks team, is point guard. The Mavs have all the leverage in negotiations with Devin Harris. The best thing to do, is to take a page from the rival San Antonio Spurs. If he is offered a contract that is out of your budget that you set, let him go and replace his duty with Shane Larkin or Gal Mekel. If he can’t find a suitor that will pay him more than the Mavericks are willing to, resign him to a bargain deal (Ex: Three-year, $9 million)

It will be an interesting offseason for the Dallas Mavericks. There is a lot of decisions to make within the organization.


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