Mavs need to bring back Shawn Marion

I like Shawn Marion and think he should stay a Dallas Maverick.

There, I said it.

With all the free-agency/draft/trade/who’s in/who’s out/who’s resigning/who’s not talk floating around, this may be my last chance to write about my favorite Mav.

So MFFL’s, Mark Cuban, Donnie Nelson, Coach Rick Carlisle, Matrix, and other interested parties, allow me to share why I feel Shawn Marion should still be in a Mavs uniform come October.

As our starting small forward at the time, he helped bring a championship to Dallas only 2 years after arriving in town. Other than Dirk, he is the one player still on the team who tasted that 2011 championship flava’ and knows what it’s like to win the big one.

I believe he’ll give it his all to bring a second title to Dallas. And if that means re-signing with the Mavs at a reduced rate, coming off the bench, and backing-up one Luol Deng, I believe he will do it.

He’s a 15-year veteran and has locker-room leadership that can help mold younger players on the team.

During the 2011 season, he became only the fifth player to have 1,500 steals and 1,000 blocks in the NBA. He’s still a good, all-around player.

He’s a 4-time All-Star. I know it’s been 7 years but that should account for something.

He is known to have an “ugly shot” as some basketball analysts have labeled it – but he still shoots at a high percentage and on any given night can explode for 20 or so points.

He’s a great rebounder (only player in the NBA under 6’7 to lead his team in rebounding in 2011) and last year led the Mavs in rebounds with 7.8 per game.

He’s been the Mavs’ defensive presence for years and can run with the best of them. He is a “Trix of all trades” known as one of the most versatile players in the league because of his athleticism and ability to play and defend many positions. Even at 36, who wouldn’t want to hang on to a player like that who can still contribute?

He wears the coolest socks of any NBA player. I’m just saying.
He likes it here and when asked if he wanted to retire a Maverick he was quoted in as saying, “If it happens, it happens, but what I said was I was going to retire (after the playing days are over) in the Dallas community.” Okay, that’s not a definite but I’ll take it.

You may not like my reasons but they’re mine. Thank you for allowing me to share them.
I’m just guessing, but I believe the Mavericks want to bring him back and that Trix would prefer to re-sign with Dallas. But I also know the NBA is a business and at the end of the day, nobody is going to play for free. That’s what free agency is all about – seeking the money you feel you are worth and hope that someone will offer to you.

So to you Trix, I say, I don’t know what your free agency plans are. But if your ultimate goal is to win another championship – you’re in the best possible position you can be in right here and now.

As MFFL’s we know Owner Cuban and the front office will do all they can to ensure Dirk’s twilight years are on a team that contends. Trix, the option you have in your hand is worth more than a playoff team stacked with superstars. We did, after-all, push the reigning NBA champs to 7 games. And you were a big part of that let’s not forget.

As my favorite Mavs player, I don’t want to see you go. I hope you will make the necessary sacrifices to allow whoever needs to come here to come.
The ultimate goal is the same.

A second title.


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