Why Carmelo Anthony should join the Mavs

With the addition of Tyson Chandler and Raymond Felton, talks of the Dallas Mavericks acquiring Carmelo Anthony have increased greatly over the past few days. Now the thought of getting Melo isn’t so distant anymore, we have actually become serious contenders.

Mavs have a sit down meeting with Melo on Wednesday as do the Rockets. Mark Cuban said, “We are going to swing for the fences.” Which is a good strategy if getting Melo is a legitimate possibility, but we can’t put all our chips in one bag.

Now if I were in that meeting I would be listing all the reasons why being a Dallas Maverick is the best option for Carmelo.

Well first of all this is Texas. We don’t have a state income taxes, and it’s Texas. Except for the whole Houston thing, we want him in Dallas.

Now that we have two former teammates in Chandler and Felton, that’s a big selling point. After pushing the NBA champion Spurs to seven games in the playoffs, we showed many people we are literally one piece away from a championship puzzle. Many of us feel that Anthony is that final piece, we already solved our lack of a paint presence when we got Chandler. Now we need that other scoring option to even further improve our already great offense.

Speaking of a great offense we can’t forget about Rick Carlisle, he is without a doubt one of the top 3 coaches in the league. He already transformed Monta Ellis into a whole new player and he looks to do the same with Raymond Felton. Dirk Nowitzki is still putting up 20+ PPG, showing that he ages well and still a top PF in the NBA. Carlisle will just make Melo’s game even better than it already is, since being under George Karl he hasn’t had a coach that is going to push him and get the best Carmelo Anthony possible. Carlisle’s competitiveness and offensive prowess is just what Melo should be looking for in a coach to further improve his game.

Then there’s Mark Cuban who will definitely be at the meeting, he is the best owner in basketball and one of the best in all of sports. They guy is a players first owner, who wants to get that trophy back, and will do anything he can for his players and his team to be champions again. Cuban’s selling point won’t be a max contract, he has already stated that Melo won’t be offered one, but a winning culture and the best fans in basketball will definitely be stated. Cuban is going to do whatever he can to finally land that big fish many of us fans have desperately wanted for years.

Dallas seems like the best fit for Melo, we have two of his teammates from last season, a top 3 coach, the best owner in basketball, Dirk/Monta, and the best fans. We live in great state and a great city, who would be more than happy to see Carmelo in a Maverick uniform.

The big question is, will Carmelo’s decision be based on money or winning?


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