Dear Carmelo Anthony

Dear Carmelo Anthony,

I am a MFFL and I have some questions for you.

First of all, were we ever a serious contender for your skills, abilities and talents?

I’m saying “were” in the past tense because – although you’ve not made a public declaration of where you will play next season – the latest Free Agency Rumor Mill has you reaching out to fellow free agent Pau Gasol. According to Yahoo Sports you want to discuss with the increasing popular baller the possibility of paying together in…New York. Uh…excuse me? Did we miss something?

Is Dallas not even in the running anymore? Forget Georgia on my mind. Was Dallas EVER on your mind? I mean seriously on your mind? MFFL minds (that’s Mavs Fans For Life, Melo) want to know.

Our entire city was enamored with the thought of adding your star power to a front line that includes one German superstar by the name of Dirk and his recently reunited teammate Tyson Chandler. Oh, you know him. Your teammate last year. And did I mention these two are the MAIN REASONS Dallas has a title? And you had an opportunity to join forces with them?

And speaking of title – as you seek your first (I’m Just Saying) – we all believe the best place for you to win one NOW is in Dallas. Do you not think that, too?

As you sat with our awesome Owner Mark Cuban, #41 himself, our superstar Coach Rick Carlisle and the rest of the welcoming party, were you listening to anything they were saying? Did NOTHING pique your interest on make you want to cancel your free agency tour and tell Mark; “Hey, sign me up!!” Nothing!?

And speaking of your free agency tour and Wednesday night – why was our meeting so short? All day in Chi-Town, half the day in H-Town and a couple of hours in Big D. Huh? What was that about? Again, MFFL minds want to know.

I’m not trying to call you out, Melo. I’m sincere in this letter. Fans young, old and in-between were so hyped over the prospect of you joining our beloved Mavs. Even my 11-year-old son has been walking around the house for a week saying “YES!” in his best Marv Albert voice, to the thought of you coming to Dallas.

This letter is out of respect for your talents and how much we wanted you to join our superstar Dirk, but it’s also out of plain ol’ curiosity. That ever-present need to know why.

And so I close with this: Melo, point-blank, was Dallas every REALLY a contender for your considerable talents? And since you haven’t OFFICIALLY made a decision yet, one last question: ARE YOU COMING TO DALLAS, OR NAH?

MFFL minds want to know.


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