Dirk Nowitzki resigns with Mavs, what’s next?

According to Marc Stein (@ESPNSteinLine), Dirk Nowitzki has agreed to a 3 year deal with the Dallas Mavericks. The deal is reported to be in the $30 mil range.

First of all, thank you Dirk Nowitzki for being loyal every single year. Second, we all knew he was coming back. So, the biggest question is, what’s next?

The highly anticipated face to face to meeting with Carmelo ended after approximately two hours without any clue or hint that Melo was even in the DFW metroplex. Cuban and the Mavs either gave Melo the best sales pitch ever or simply put the Mavs didn’t offer what Melo is looking for from his perspective.

So if Melo decides to not come to Dallas for a discount with the Dirk signing, where do the Mavs go from here? All summer long the Mavs have made it clear they’ll be ready for with plans B and C if they were to strike out on Melo.

You can start off by crossing off Utah Jazz SF Gordon Hayward off the list after being offered $15 million per year by the Cleveland Cavaliers with the Jazz still having the opportunity to match. Chandler Parsons will is perhaps the fan favorite and is definitely high on the Mavs list, but if Melo ends up going to Chicago or back to New York you can bet that the Rockets will match any offer from any other team.

Realistically and personally I think the Mavs must go hard after Luol Deng but the question will be for how much? Deng made over $14 million last year and is expected to be looking for a number not too south from his previous contract. Mavs reportedly signed Nowitzki to $10 million annual salary. So let’s say they sign Deng to $10-12 million, that’ll only give the Mavs $4.5-6.5 million left to spend. Even so the Mavs need to make some kind of splash this summer to be title contenders.

That’ll almost guarantee the Mavs will only able to keep one (maybe two) of their veteran core; Marion, Carter, and Harris. All three have made it clear that they’re not looking to give the Mavs a hometown discount.

If the Mavs were to get Deng they could look at bringing in veterans such as Caron Butler, Richard Jefferson for the minimum. Both are way past their prime but both are capable of being reliable veterans off the bench who can spread the floor like a Vince Carter.

Point guard is a big concern right now for Mavs fans but two names to consider are D.J. Augustin and Mo Williams.

Augustin was huge for the Bulls last season averaging over 13 points per game while shooting 40% from three point land and overall from the field. Another key point to make is that he’s only 26 years old and from Texas. He can certainly thrive off the pick and roll especially playing alongside Dirk and Monta. Now it’ll take more than the minimum to sign him and most likely demand 3-4 million in today’s market but he might be the best cheapest option out there.

Williams on the other hand is a proven veteran who’ll come at a cheaper price and is a proven floor leader. He himself has ties to Dallas as he runs an Academy in the metroplex and has been reported to be interested in coming to Dallas.

It’ll be hard to see veterans such as Marion, Carter, and Harris leave the Mavs but it might be what’s best for the Mavs. Deng will bring a younger defensive version of Marion and there are certainly players out there more than capable of filling out the Mavs roster.



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