Mavs meet Lebron James’ agent Rich Paul

According to Marc Stein (@ESPNSteinLine), Lebron James’ agent Rich Paul has met with the Dallas Mavericks, Phoenix Suns, Cleveland Cavaliers, and Houston Rockets in the past few days. Even though LeBron likely won’t change teams,  this will be a good chance to lay the groundwork and see if he is actually an obtainable goal. Getting the best player in the world is huge, but he is going to ask for a max contract. Mark Cuban may not be willing to do that with Melo, but Mark Cuban would find a way for Lebron James. The Dallas Mavericks signed Dirk Nowitzki to a 3 year, $30 million contract this afternoon so the Mavs would have to trade Brandan Wright to have the cap space to sign a max player.

Much of the free agency hype has been over Carmelo, but Lebron might be up for grabs. Many experts believe that he only opted out to get more money out of the Heat, and to see if Pat Riley will re-amp the team so Lebron can get that third ring, which is more than likely the cade. By the off-chance that Lebron doesn’t re-sign and decides to go elsewhere, the Mavs have been pegged as one of the legitimate destinations for him.

Going for LeBron is a huge risk, he will more than likely drag out his free agency, and possibly bring it to a complete halt. Which in turn will cause the Mavs to potentially lose out on backup plans such as Deng, Parsons, and Ariza. If the Mavs go after Lebron you have to assume Melo is going elsewhere, and that Cuban still wants to land that big fish. He has to ask himself, is he worth the risk? There is always a chance he decides to stay in Miami or he could decide to go back to Cleveland or go elsewhere.

I don’t think he is worth it, many fans including myself can’t see another failure for an offseason. We got Chandler and Felton which is great, but there is so much talent in this free agency pool not to take advantage of it. I say just stick to Melo and try to get him and if that doesn’t work out pursue Deng or Parsons. It’s flattering to know we are on the short list of teams LeBron is considering, but if he isn’t serious about leaving Miami we shouldn’t be serious about trying to pursue him. The fans can’t take another offseason where we didn’t sign players we should’ve, and hopefully Cuban realizes that and makes the right moves.

The only instance I can see the Mavs really pushing hard for LeBron is if Melo doesn’t sign, and if LeBron decides to either cut ties with Miami or see if other teams can make a push for him but even then its still risky. It really comes down to Cuban’s determination in getting that big name player, we already know LeBron wants the most money possible and if the Mavs do somehow get him. They won’t be able to re-sign players like Harris or Carter. Its a tough decision for Cuban and the front office. Do they take the bait on LeBron or do they play it safe and take the plan B?


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