Time for Mavs to shift focus to Plan B

Yesterday the Dallas Mavericks had their chance at wooing All-Star forward Carmelo Anthony, and from the sounds of it, the meeting only lasted two hours.

Whether this is a good sign or bad one, the chances of Dallas landing Anthony are very slim. Especially, when Dirk Nowitzki just resigned for 3 year, $30 million range.  So it looks like the Mavericks should start executing their Plan B before it’s too late. It’s only three days into free agency and there have already been many big signings around the league and Dallas can’t miss out on that while worrying about Carmelo’s decision.

From many sources it seems that the Mavericks Plan B consists of F Chandler Parsons, F Luol Deng, G Trevor Ariza, and just recently G Isaiah Thomas. While it’s no secret that the Mavericks desperately need an upgrade at the small forward position to replace aging Shawn Marion, it doesn’t look like the Rockets are looking to get rid of Parsons, unless Anthony signs there. That leaves Deng at the SF position, who would be a nice asset to the Mavericks starting lineup.

Deng averaged a career-best 16 points, as well as 5 rebounds, and shot 45 percent from the field with the Cavaliers after being traded from the Chicago Bulls. Along with his offensive ability, Deng is known for his lock down defense, especially against the Mavs. Deng would fit in well with Dallas because he has proved that he is a team player, and wants to win, one problem, he thinks he’s worth more than the Mavericks do, if they can both come to common ground Deng would be a great signing for Dallas.

Another very possible move Dallas could make is doing a sign and trade withe the Sacramento Kings for Isaiah Thomas. As of today, the Kings have agreed to a three-year, $16 million deal with former Dallas guard Darren Collison which could mean that Sacramento is willing to part ways with Thomas.

If that’s the case, that means Dallas has to get rid of one, maybe even two players. Who? They could take some of the older players contracts off the books like Vince Carter or Marion, but as head coach Rick Carlisle has said before he wants to keep the veterans if possible.

Thomas would be worth it in the long run because he is a 25-year-old point guard with a lot of upside. Thomas’ averages almost mirrored Kyrie Irving’s last season, averaging 20 points, 6 assists, and shot 45 percent from the field.

Not to mention the speed Thomas possesses and his ability to get to the basket almost at will. There is a negative, Thomas’ size isn’t exactly what the Mavs are looking for, standing at 5’9, and pairing that with Monta Ellis would make for a small backcourt.

Aside from his size, he and Ellis could form one of the most potent backcourts in the league, and add that to Dirk and returning Tyson Chandler and the Mavericks could make a case for being a legitimate contender in the West.


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