Dallas Mavericks are truly in a good place

Dirk. Tyson. Monta.

It’s the second week of Free Agency and we all have fevers. For real. But MFFL’s let’s stop, smell the roses and remember: A bird – or several birds – in the hand is worth two in the bush.

And while any bush would love to be the hiding place for Carmelo Anthony and Lebron James, that “bird” in the hand isn’t always so bad.

True, the Mavs haven’t made the big splash expected during free agency. True, the Mavs appear to again be the bridesmaid and not the bride when it comes to reeling in the “big fish;” but in the midst of our collective disappointment, let’s stop, trust Owner Mark and consider that our Mavericks have some pretty good “birds” in the hand already.

The Mavs are a very, very good team and are just a major signing or two away from being a GREAT team. But we are surely one of the top 6 teams in the West and can compete with the best of them.

That said, we DO have some missing pieces, no doubt. We need help. We need a point guard. We need a lil’ more “star power.” We need to get younger, and we need to make the most of Dirk’s twilight years. We need a lot. But all hope is not lost.

There’s still a lot of free agency left, even with Melo-drama and LeBron-gate casting a shadow over the process. As of this writing, we’ve traded for Tyson Chandler, re-signed Dirk and Devin Harris, on the verge of re-signing Mr. Vince Carter, reportedly pushing an offer sheet out to restricted free agent Chandler Parsons, and are taking serious looks at Lance Stephenson, Luol Deng, Trevor Ariza and other so-called second tier free agents. There’s still a chance we’ll even get Shawn Marion back in the fold. (Okay that’s just MY dream but moving on, you get the point.)

So you see, we have a lot to smile about. And while we wait for the Mavs to play their next free agency hand, let’s open our hands and take a look at the players that are already there.

Dirk. Need I say more? Our beloved #41’s re-signing – while expected – still captured the hearts and minds of just about everyone and evoked headlines with the wordy “loyal” attached.

Dirks’ $10 million per year is “exactly the sort of deal he needed to sign for Dallas to be able to augment the supporting cast significantly and keep Dirk productive long into the final years of his career…it’ll allow Dallas to be a major player in free agency and the trade market,” said Amin Elhassan, ESPN Insider.

Re-signing Dirk “is about as good as it gets,” according to Andrew Han of TrueHoop. “Nowitzki was likely the best offensive big man in the league last season and accepted a salary commensurate of a third man to a contender in an effort to help Dallas compete.”

Royce Young of ESPN.com had this to say; “It’s not so much the money or years, it’s just the overall commitment from both sides. The Mavs will be paying Dirk until he’s 39, but he also made a clear decision to make sure he took a considerable pay cut in order to preserve as much remaining cap space for the team to work as possible.”

Yep. That’s the player we have in hand. That’s our “big fish.” Selfless. Loyal. Team player. Winner. No muss, no fuss. No worldwide tour.

Another player we have is Tyson. The man whose “letting go” from Dallas three years ago was STILL being talked about until the day he returned two weeks ago. His re-signing delighted Mavs fans near and far and has made this free-agency summer one to remember. Chandler brings back to Dallas a much-needed defensive presence that has been missing since they won the title. He’s a proven commodity – the 2011 NBA champion, 2012 NBA Defensive Player of the Year, 2013 All Star, and a solid rim protector. He’s back.

Yet another player we have in the hand is Monta, the lightning-quick guard who exploded onto the courts – and into our hearts – last year. His fire, energy and skills were just what the Mavs – and Dirk needed. He was indeed Robin to Dirk’s Batman, supporting him from the perimeter with his 19-points-per-game average.

Let’s not forget the great coach Rick Carlisle, who has proven he can maximize the talent of his players. We could be the Lakers –coach-less, or the Bucks – a coach who, well, you know the story.

And with free agency not at all over and many other players to be had, the Dallas Mavericks are truly in a good place. So rest easy MFFL’s, take a dose of patience and watch the remainder of free agency 2014 unfold.

In the meantime, Dirk, Tyson, Monta… hmmm…me? I’d take those players any day of the week.


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