Chandler Parsons in, Shawn Marion out?

Like many so many other MFFLs, I was ecstatic to hear Chandler Parsons agreeing to an offer sheet worth 3-years $46 million. I’ve already starting planning on when to purchase my Parsons jersey, but with any move there comes a price.

If the Houston Rockets end up not matching the Mavericks offer sheet then the signing will use up all of the Mavs remaining salary cap and as a result we will be seeing Shawn “The Matrix” Marion in another uniform next season.

Of course there’s still a lot to be decided and we won’t officially know if Parsons will become a Mav until late Saturday evening, but all signs point towards that direction. The Rockets were in negotiations with Parsons earlier on Wednesday without being able to come to an agreement and have reportedly already called the agents of Luol Deng, Trevor Ariza, and Paul Pierce. Also with the pending offer for Chris Bosh still on the table it seems even more likely that Parsons to the Mavs is a done deal.

Parsons brings a sense of youth and athleticism that Mavs have been sorely lacking for years until Monta arrived last summer. The great thing about Parsons is that at 25 years young he’s still a couple of years away from reaching his prime and can be a cornerstone for the franchise for years to come.

Parsons ability to stretch the floor while having the ability the drive to the basket can solidify the Mavs as an elite offense, while giving Carlisle more to work with defensively. Parsons is still very young and can develop his defensive game under the direction of Rick Carlisle.

Even if Parsons doesn’t end up coming to Dallas, it’s still unlikely the Mavs will re-sign Marion as they’ll move on and look at Trevor Ariza and Luol Deng to fill the small forward position. The Mavs have also made it a priority to bring back sixth man Vince Carter and perhaps even free-agent point guard Mo Williams.

That being said the potential arrival of Parsons most notably means the end of Shawn Marion in a Mavs uniform. I for one, on behalf of all MFFL’s, would like to say thank you Matrix. You not only played with tremendous professionalism, but also with a great heart.

Marion was the heart and soul of the Mavs defense during his stay in Dallas, even when Tyson Chandler was here. He guarded the best player on the opposing team night after night without any fear or complaint. It didn’t matter whether it was a point guard, shooting guard, small forward, or power forward, the Matrix could do it all.

Marion was arguably one of the most underrated players in the league over the last few years, whose name should have been taken into more consideration in previous years for defensive player of the year.

I still remember when Shawn Marion was traded to the Mavs and analysts and commentators were scuffing at the idea of him making a major impact on the Mavs. But that’s what the Mavs are all about. Proving the critics wrong and sticking to their game plan.

I’ll be waiting to welcome Chandler Parsons to Dallas just like every other MFFL. But let me say thank you Shawn Marion, for all that you gave to the Mavs organization and to the fans. You shall be missed.


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