Filling out the Dallas Mavericks roster

Now that the two biggest free agents in Carmelo Anthony (Knicks or Bulls) and LeBron James (Cavs) are off the table for the Mavericks, plan B is in full swing. Chandler Parsons has agreed to an 3 year, $46 mil offer sheet with Dallas which Houston has 3 days to match but there is still a big hole in the roster. The Mavericks still require a solid starting point guard. I see two possible scenarios happening in the coming week.

Scenario #1

The Houston Rockets ruin Chandler Parsons day and match the offer from the Mavericks in an attempt to create a championship team along with the signing of Chris Bosh. While this would be a huge blow to Dallas, it would not be the end of the world. If this were to happen the Mavericks front office would move quickly to sign either Trevor Ariza, Luol Deng, or Lance Stephenson at the small forward position along with Isaiah Thomas or Mo Williams as the point man. The most likely of these would be to sign Trevor Ariza and Mo Williams. Ariza would bring Shawn Marion like defense along with Jose Calderon like shooting. He’s the best of both worlds. Mo Williams would also bring in quality shooting from beyond the arc and a much-needed swagger and edge that only a few players can offer. Also Dallas has enough cap space to give both players the contracts they desire. In Ariza’s case a 4 year 40 million dollar contract along with Mo Williams wish of a 3 year “good contract”.

Scenario #2

Houston doesn’t decide to match the Mavericks offer for Chandler Parsons and don’t sign Chris Bosh. This will give the Mavericks a solid starting small forward with great 3 point shooting along with some youth the Mavericks desperately need. With Parsons contract on the books the possibility of signing Isaiah Thomas is out the window unless Mark Cuban doesn’t mind paying some luxury tax next season. This means the best option would be to sign Mo Williams to bring in good shooting and defense at the guard position which would be a huge improvement over last season.

Regardless of which scenario ends up happening there are a few players the must sign. The first one of these would be Mr. Vinsanity. Vince Carter has helped us some much in the past and I believe he still has one or two more game winners in him. Even at 37 Carter would still be one of the better sixth men in the league by providing energy and instant offense off the bench. Another player to resign would be Dejuan Blair. Blair is an excellent rebounder for his size and provides a very physical presence inside that would work nicely next to Brandon Wright as it did last season. No matter what ends up happening, I have faith that the Mavericks front office will do everything in their power to give Rick Carlisle the best possible team they can. I also have faith that if the starting line up is Mo-Ellis-Parsons-Dirk-Tyson a championship is on the horizon.


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