Dallas Mavericks summer league update

The Dallas Mavericks summer league is underway in Las Vegas, and after three games we are 2-1 after yesterdays 88-57 beat down of the Raptors. The Mavs shot 50% from the field and 44% from deep. Ledo had the game high, scoring 18 points and going 4-9 from the field and 2-3 from 3 point range. Sarge had 6 points while pulling down 7 rebounds, and Mekel had 11 while going 5-8 shooting the ball.

Ricky Ledo is proving that he wants that back-up shooting guard spot behind Ellis, averaging 17.7 ppg which is top 20 in the Las Vegas league. He’s shooting 35% from the field but is 53% from 3. That is just the kind of long-range shooting the Mavs could use off the bench to help fill the role that was left when Vince Carter went to Memphis. If he can work to become a more versatile scorer and gain more consistency in his jump shot he will make a fine addition to the Mavs bench.

Another player trying to prove his worth is Bernard James. Sarge is a physical presence down low, he is strong and is a good rebounder. He’s averaging 8 rebounds, 14 points, 2 blocks a game while hovering around 70% shooting. He working on expanding his game offensively in the paint and working on his mid range jumper, apparently it’s working with a shooting percentage like he has right now. He is trying to prove to the Mavs he is worth a contract, and that he can really contribute to the Mavs bench.

There are a few other players starting to shine a little bit. I mean Eric Griffin, what an athlete. That could very possibly be the dunk of summer league, I’m sorry Shane Larkin but that poster would’ve been autographed after the game. He is averaging 11 points off the bench and shooting 54%, those are pretty good numbers for a bench player in summer league.

Gal Mekel is playing some good basketball as well, he’s averaging 9 points along with 4 boards and 2 assists a game. He has been directing the team well out if the point guard position, and looks to strive in the chances he’s going to be given this season for the Mavs. Whether it’s the third point guard behind Felton and Harris (which is more than likely what will happen) or a starter for the Texas Legends.

There is much to be proud of about the way our team has played in Vegas. If we keep this up we have a shot at the champions of the Vegas league, we have 2 more games left for these players to prove they deserve to be on the Mavs roster come the start of the season. With the Chandler Parsons move just happening and with the performance of our summer league team there is much to look forward to for the future of the Dallas Mavericks.


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