Who should be the Dallas Mavericks starting point guard?

Now that the Mavericks’ free agency has simmered down a bit, it’s time to look at who is left standing for the Mavs roster and who should be the favorite at starting point guard.

There are two candidates that are equally likely to be the starter for Dallas, Raymond Felton and Devin Harris. Felton, who landed in Dallas by way of trade from the Knicks, is coming off his worst statistical season in his nine-year career.

Felton averaged nine points, and five assists last season in New York while only playing in 65 games. While most people might say that Felton is declining in terms of production, there is still a glimmer of hope that the Mavericks see in him.

The Mavericks have been known to get players who are past their prime and revive their career (Shawn Marion Vince Carter) under the coaching of Rick Carlisle and the excellent training staff headed by Casey Smith.

Although Felton struggled last season to put points on the board he still managed to average five assists, which is more than what Calderon averaged last season for the Mavericks. Hopefully, under the tutelage of Mark Cuban and Carlisle, Felton can get back to his early Knicks days where he was averaging 17 points and nine rebounds.

If Felton is unable to prove his worth, there is always fan favorite Devin Harris who reunited with the Mavericks last season. Harris just resigned with the team to a four-year, 16 million deal, which shows how highly Cuban thinks of him.

Harris averaged seven points and four assists last season coming off the bench for Dallas, but proved he could contribute in the playoffs when he was nearly unstoppable against the eventual champion San Antonio Spurs. In four of the seven game series, Harris scored in double-figures.

Harris is one year older than Felton, but has fresher legs than Felton and is consistent in his contribution for the teams he plays for. It’s a tough decision to make, and both are evenly matched as far as statistics go, but it will ultimately come down to who works harder for it. Harris may seem like the more obvious choice, but don’t count Felton out just yet, he might just surprise you.


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