Chandler Parsons: The big picture

When the Dallas Mavericks signed Chandler Parsons to the 3 year 46 million dollar contract, people pointed out that he is overpaid. It was mainly in part due to Gordon Hayward’s 4 year 63 million dollar contract, which is not even in the ballpark of what he’s worth (No offense Gordon). He is around the same price of Parsons which realistically is in the 12 million range. Regardless of the size of the contract, Mavs fans feel like it was a bold move on our front office’s part, and our hopes are high for Parsons’ future in Dallas.

Speaking of Parsons’ future, who’s to say that Mark Cuban wasn’t thinking about the future when he was offering the contract? Cuban was probably thinking that in a year or two Parsons is going to be worth the 15 million he is being paid. When you have the tremendous potential that he has, and with players like Dirk whose ability to shoot from anywhere is going to space out the floor and give Parson’s some opportunities from deep especially when running the pick and roll, Dirk can roll down or stay up top and force a double team then he can kick it out to Parsons in the corner or on the wing. Then Monta who can do a drive and kick much like San Antonio is so great at doing. This is going to bring out the best in Chandler Parsons, and maybe even more.

Another piece to Parsons being worth 15 million, is of course Rick Carlisle.

We’ve already seen of what he’s capable of bringing out in his player’s. Carlisle already has a great offensive mindset, he is going to work with Parson’s to help him develop a more consistent shot and explosiveness to help him finish when he does get to the bucket. Carlisle is also going to make Parsons work on the defensive side of the ball, he sometimes lacks focus to defend some of the better small forwards in the Western conference such as Kevin Durant and Kawhi Leonard. When he is focused he has been pegged by many players as an irritating defender, he has the length and quickness to stick with them. He just needs to maintain focus, and Rick Carlisle is going to pound that into his head.

It may look like Chandler Parsons is overpaid right now, which may very well be the case. People just need to look at the bigger picture though, the tandem of Dirk and Monta and with Rick Carlisle as his coach is going to make Parsons worth that 15 million. Mark Cuban is a smart man, he wouldn’t offer someone a contract he didn’t feel they deserved or are going to deserve.

This contract, although it may seem pricy now is going to be worth every single cent when Chandler Parsons develops into the player many people know he is capable of being.


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