Mavs off-season magic continues: Terdema Ussery

Dirk. Tyson. Chandler. Monta. Jameer…The 2014-15 Mavs got SWAG yall.

And that SWAG may be moving beyond the court.

According to a report from Bloomberg News and citing sources with direct knowledge of the process, Dallas Mavericks Chief Executive Officer Terdema Ussery is one of three finalists to become the next executive director of the NBA’s Player’s Union.


Ussery is a former president of Nike Sports Management and commissioner of the Continental Basketball Association.  He has been with the Mavs organization since April 1997 As par for the course when these things get leaked, Ussery and others involved have not returned comment.

I had the pleasure of meeting Mr. Ussery several years ago when he served on the local organizing committee for the National Conference of Black Mayors Conference held in Dallas in 2000 and again when I worked with the PR firm promoting the opening of American Airlines Center. He’s a solid, great person and businessman with a level head. He is a person I’m sure players would welcome and listen to.

The organization is holding its annual summer meeting in Las Vegas and that is where candidates will address union members and the executive committee tomorrow.

The Player’s Union fired former executive direction Billy Hunter 18 months ago after a review of business practices.  A candidate requires 75 percent of the 30 player representatives and executive committee members – or 29 votes.

MFFL’s – if Mr. Ussery is indeed named the next NBA players’ union executive director – this offseason will go down in history – on AND off the court!

MFFL Strong! All day, every day baby!


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