Prediction for Mavs playoff seed next season

We still have a couple months before the season begins, but it’s probably safe to start making some early predictions on who’s going to finish where. Free agency is wearing down and all the major impact signings have already been made. Rosters have been set for the most part and John Schuhmann of has already come out with preseason power rankings, putting the Mavs in the number four spot behind the Spurs, Thunder, and Clippers respectively.

This seems to be a fair spot given the offseason the Mavs had. The signings of Chandler Parsons and Tyson Chandler is what put the Mavs in that spot. They addressed the team’s need of a defender in the paint which has been sorely missed since Chandler left in 2011. We got our solid third scorer, and handled the point guard situation by signing Jameer Nelson, re-signing Devin Harris, and getting Raymond Felton in the trade.

Now as far as who is going to start at point guard, that still remains to be seen. The fan favorite would be Harris but it may be best having him come off the bench alongside Brandan Wright, that leaves us with Nelson and Felton. It’s probably going to be Nelson because he can shoot and play defense. Raymond Felton would be a good choice if he can return to the form he is capable of being at, but I guess we will find out come training camp.

If Tyson Chandler can stay healthy and if we see Defensive Player of the Year Chandler or anything close to that. Along with Chandler Parsons building and improving on his last three seasons, and if we can get consistent PG play out whoever is going to start for the Mavs. There’s a possibility of grabbing the three seed if the Clippers stumble, but they’re a solid team up there in LA and are definitely going to cause problems for teams.

The Western Conference is going to be another dog fight that is more than likely going to come to the final game for some teams to decide their seeding or possible playoff life. I would be disappointed to see them below number 5. We have the pieces to be a contender in a deadly conference but will they all fit?

Prediction: 4th seed


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