Chandler Parsons stays committed to Team USA

After Indiana Pacers’ forward Paul George suffered a gruesome compound fracture to his right leg in an exhibition game, it raised the question again, should the NBA’s stars play for Team USA?

Maverick’s owner Mark Cuban has always been very vocal on this matter and believes that it isn’t worth the risk for the NBA’s elite to compete in extra basketball during the off-season. George’s injury might just add to his case.

Dallas usually doesn’t have to worry about their players competing in international play, but with the new addition of Chandler Parsons, they might have to seriously think about what the risk is.

Now that Parsons has made the first cut of the team the chances of him making the final roster for the FIBA World Cup are very likely. There are 16 players on the roster currently, and along with Parsons Kevin Durant is the only other true small forward on the roster.

If Chandler does make the final cut his minutes may be very limited due to the high-caliber talent that he is surrounded by, but there are many risks, as well as benefits, to him playing for his country.

There is always the risk of injury anytime players step on the court, but there is also the risk of heavy fatigue right before the season starts. This could hinder the beginning of the Mavericks season, but the season doesn’t really start until after the All-Star break right?

On the plus side, it gives Parsons the opportunity to hone in on his skills, while being coached by the likes of Duke head coach Mike Krzyzewski, Syracuse head coach Jim Boeheim, as well as defensive-minded head coach of the Chicago Bulls Tom Thibodeau.

The experience Chandler Parsons would gain playing for Team USA could help Dallas in the long run and could become a huge asset in more ways than one.

Sure, there are risks that come with Chandler Parsons playing in the FIBA World Cup, but the reward is something that I don’t think the Mavericks want to pass up.




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