Mark Cuban is right about FIBA/IOC

In the wake of the Paul George injury, Mark Cuban cane out with some words against FIBA and the IOC. Stating that “The IOC is an organization that has been rife with corruption, to the point where a member was accused of trying to fix an Olympic event in Salt Lake.” and “The IOC pulls in billions of dollars. They make a killing and make Tony Soprano look like a saint.”

These are some pretty serious statements, but Cuban has been against FIBA and the IOC for a while now. I see where he is coming from, these organizations don’t take on any responsibility if a player like Paul George gets injured. The people who do take the loss are in this case the Indiana Pacers. Paul George is their superstar, he is who the organization has invested over 90 million dollars in over the course of five years.

Lets think about what would’ve happened if this happened to Dirk (knock on wood). Not only would this have crushed MFFL’s everywhere, but there is a good possibility he retires after an injury like this. That means no more Dirk, no financial compensation from FIBA or the IOC for the money we are spending on him for the next 3 years and to top it off we never get to see him play again. Now lets pray this will never happen and that he finishes his career healthy and with a bang.

Don’t get me wrong I’m all about playing for your country and bringing pride to it. Cuban is right though, shouldn’t the players or the teams they play for get paid for letting them use their players? IOC rakes millions of dollars off of the NBA’s players and gives none of it back to them to say thanks for playing for your country and risking possible injury hindering your NBA career.

Now who knows if rules are going to change on whether or not teams can be stricter on deciding if they let a player go play internationally. It’s going to take more of a voice than Mark Cuban’s if rules are going to be changed. Either teams can have more say on whether or not a player plays, and not just base it off a medical problem. Either that or the IOC or FIBA provides financial compensation to teams for letting them use players or in the case of a severe injury.

On that note us MFFLs are hoping for a speedy recovery for Paul George, because losing a star like him hurts the NBA as a whole. Get well soon.


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