Rick Carlisle has the sixth best odds to win Coach of the Year

The odds maker at Sportsbook, have Rick Carlisle with the sixth best odds at winning his second Coach of the Year award in the upcoming season.

I never got the true definition of Coach of the Year. Does it mean who gets their team to over achieve the most? Does it mean who gets the best out of their players? Does it simply mean who gets a talented team to mesh the best? I guess you could say it is all of the above.

Rick Carlisle has answered those 3 questions in the past few years with the Mavs. He has shown to get his team to over achieve, for instance the 2012-2013 team that finished 41-41 with a team filled with new guys and an injured Dirk that missed a good portion of the season. He also showed he can get the best out of players which has taken place every single season he has coached the Dallas Mavericks. Carlisle has displayed his ability to mesh talent when he can took a group of great basketball players in the 2010-2011 season that have never won a championship to the promise land and not looked back.

Carlisle will have a great season with a roster that is loaded with depth and a starting line up that is balanced with shooting, passing, scoring, and finishing ability. His winning persona, creative basketball mind, and ability to succeed after adapting to any situation that is given to him shows he is not only the best coach in Dallas Mavericks history, but one of the best in NBA history.

One thing is for sure, Rick Carlisle will have a lot of options to put on the court from game to game. That includes a lot of players that can play multiple positions. The Mavs coach has stated this offseason that he wants to play at a faster pace this upcoming season with the additions the franchise has made.

He hasn’t had that option in a few years with the lack of depth and limited minutes from the veterans, so we are all in store for a special season.


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