BBB: Best Boss in Basketball

Dirk re-signing. Chandler coming back home. The “other Chandler” coming on board. Landing Jameer Nelson, Richard Jefferson, Al-Farouq Aminu, Greg Smith. Re-signing Devin Harris. It’s been an awesome summer for MFFLs and we’ve celebrated every move our Mavs have made. It’s time to give the Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban some praise.

Mark Cuban, or “Owner Mark” as I like to call him, is many things.

A shark.

An NBA franchise owner

A billionaire entrepreneur.

An inventor – CyberDust – just brilliant!

A father and husband.

An author.

And he’s the BBB – the best boss in basketball.

Owner Mark speaks his mind and doesn’t mince words. You know where you stand with him. He has absolutely no poker face – ever watched Shark Tank when he’s not “feeling” the pitch – or see him at the games when the Mavs have squandered a big lead? His brows furrow, his eyes grow darker, his chin goes down – it’s just not pretty. But you know he’s not amused.

In the NBA – that’s good to have. Players know they have to produce and perform for the man who took a chance on them and their dream. There’s mutual respect of course, but there’s no “happy just to be here” in Owner Mark’s locker room. Get it together or move around.

He often gets fined for his “openness” – but good ol’ Owner Mark has turned that into a positive too. In an interview with the Associated Press, he said that he matches NBA fines with charitable donations of equal amounts.

Owner Mark is a fan of the game. Basketball is not just a business for him, it’s fun. He loves the game, and it shows. Most sports team owners stay in the background, watching their teams from their skyboxes or private suites, dressed in suits and entertaining celebrities. To each his own.

Owner Mark sits next to the fans, wears team jerseys, shirts and jeans, and hoops and hollers like everyone else. His passion is contagious and joyful. He even played for the West team in the NBA All-Star Weekend Celebrity Game in 2010, which was held in Dallas. He’s a big ol’ kid who just happens to own a basketball team. He’s one of us – a fan.

Owner Mark does what it takes for his team to win. He watches the bottom line, spends money wisely and does what is necessary to put the Mavs in a position to be successful. He’s not afraid to take risks or make unpopular decisions to create money under the salary cap. (Hey, Tyson’s back home, let it go.)  He’s a boss that doesn’t stack his team with huge contracts. No, you can be sure Owner Mark won’t let his Mavs be capped and taxed out. We can trust Owner Mark to do what’s best for the Mavericks.

So MFFLs, as we prepare to open up and celebrate the 2014-15 season, let’s also celebrate Owner Mark. He’s been ours for 14 years, brought us a championship, and loves the game.

He’s the BBB (Best Boss in Basketball) for sure.




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