21 questions for Mavs media day

Labor Day has come and gone. Summer’s all but over. The kids are back in school. And we are 25 days away from the annual Mavs Media Day

During NBA Media Day, players, coaches, the owner and others face the media and their onslaught of endless questions about the upcoming season. Good stuff usually comes out of Media Days and In honor of that day, I’ve compiled a list of 21 questions I think MFFL’s want to know heading into this season.

1. Free agency 2014 was pretty good to the Mavericks. Led by the frontcourt Big 3 of Parsons, Nowitzki and Chandler – where do you realistically expect the Mavs to finish the season?

2. Short of outright winning the Championship, if the Mavs don’t go deep into the playoffs, will you consider this season a bust?

3. Vince Carter is now a Grizzly. Who will emerge as the new sixth man?

4. The Matrix is now a Cavalier. Who replaces some of that defensive fire he brought to the table?

5. Have you decided on your starting point guard for opening night? And if so, who is it and why did you choose him?

6. Does this roster answer the defense and depth quest you’ve been on this summer?

7. This was an extremely active free agency around the league. Which teams and player moves this off-season did you watch the most and feel will give you the most concern?

8. Which games on the schedule are you most looking forward to and why?

9. (For Dirk) You took a huge pay cut to ensure the Mavs secured the pieces it needed to make a run at a second title. What do you think of the squad that’s been assembled?

10. (For all players, Owner Mark and Coach Carlisle) – Are you at all worried about team chemistry and players not meshing?

11. How difficult was it to let two key veterans like Vince Carter and Shawn Marion go?

12. The Mavs brought in a lot of talented players this offseason. Who gets minutes in the rotation?

13. Will we ever see Jason Terry back in a Mavs uniform?

14. (For each player) What did you work on this summer to prepare you for this season?

15. (For Chandler Parsons) – Do you feel like you have to prove the Rockets’ front office wrong for not choosing you?

16. (For Tyson Chandler) – What are you most looking forward to at the home opener? What kind of reception do you expect?

17. (For Ivan Johnson) – You spent the summer on the Mavs Summer League team. What do you think management saw during the summer that convinced them to bring you on board?

18. (For Monta Ellis) You had a breakout year last year, supporting Dirk from the perimeter with a 19 points per game average. What do you plan to do for an encore this season?

19. (For Al-Farouq Aminu) – As a good rebounding small forward, which area of your game did you work on most this year?

20.(For Coach Carlisle) Talk about the bench and the confidence you have in the players’ ability to come in and close out games.

21. Last, are we winning the 2015 Championship or nah?

The Mavs open Training Camp on Tuesday, Sept. 30. They start the pre-season on Oct. 7th again the Houston Rockets.


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