Mavs NBA 2K15 ratings leaked

2K Games, Inc. is an American global developer, marketer, distributor and publisher of video games. They release one of the most the popular sports game every single year in the beginning of October, NBA 2K. The franchise always teases the buyers with individual ratings before the game comes out. Well we have the ratings for all of the Dallas Mavericks players.

Credit goes to Operation Sports and The Real 2k Insider for the ratings. It looks like the NBA 2K developers finally give Dirk Nowitzki respect through the new ratings system. Especially knowing there are only 4 players with a rating of at leat 90 (Lebron, Kevin Durant, CP3, and Tim Duncan) and with Dirk having an 88, that is respect. Dirk has always been undervalued in the game because his strengths are not the typical video game power forward (rebounds, blocks, dunks, athleticism). It just makes me wonder what his rating would have been during the peak of his career with this new rating system.

Brandan Wright and Jae Crowder got the biggest jump in ratings after being valuable rotation players for the Mavs. I would have loved to see Chandler Parsons get rated in the low 80’s, but I have a feeling that will go up once they come out with an updated rosters throughout the season. One surprise is Monta Ellis, he went down 2 points after having one of the best seasons in his career.

The rest of the roster is rated as follows:

88 – Dirk Nowitzki (+5)
82 – Monta Ellis (-2)
79 – Tyson Chandler (+2)
79 – Chandler Parsons (+3)
76 – Jameer Nelson (0)
75 – Devin Harris (-1)
75 – Brandan Wright (+7)
74 – Raymond Felton (-5)
74 – Al-Farouq Aminu (+1)
72 – Richard Jefferson (0)
72 – Jae Crowder (+8)
67 – Greg Smith (+7)
67 – Gal Mekel (+1)
67 – Ricky Ledo (+2)
X – Bernard James (N/A) – Only signed recently, likely in FA pool. 59 last year, at least +8.
X – Ivan Johnson (N/A) – Non-guaranteed, likely in FA pool. 69 last year.
X – Charlie Villanueva (N/A) – Non-guaranteed, in FA pool. 68 last year.


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