Tyson Chandler will prove the doubters wrong, again.

Over the summer one of the Mavericks fan base’s biggest dreams came true. Tyson Chandler had returned to the city he brought a championship. While he may not be the same player he was a few seasons ago, I believe that he is still elite and so does Tyson.

Is he injury prone? How will he play during a contract year? Seems like 2010 all over again. Hopefully Tyson Chandler and the Dallas Mavericks have the same result.

Tyson Chandler told Dallas Morning News that he is better now than he was in 2001.

“I’ve just been training, man. I took about two weeks off at the end of last season and then got back at it.” Tyson Chandler stated. “I didn’t like how things ended last year, so I wanted to make sure I was prepared for this season. Things ended up working out better because, you know, I ended up coming back home.”

“I think I’m better in understanding the game mentally. Physically, I’m in an incredible place.” Tyson compared himself now to the 2011 version. “I haven’t felt this good in a long time. Over the years you learn different things. The more you are able to play this game, the better you are mentally. I’m excited to bring that to the table here again. I love the makeup of the team. We’ve been here for the last couple of weeks getting after it, playing pick up and ran the hills yesterday as a team. We’ve been training as a team. People don’t know, but this is pretty early to have every player here already. I just like the makeup of this team. I think we’ve got great young guys. It’s a nice mix up of veterans and young players.”

Last season Chandler averaged 8.7 PPG, 9.6 RPG, and 1.1 BPG while shooting nearly 60% from the field. These stats are nearly identical of the ones he posted during the 2010-2011 Championship season. So all the critics saying that Tyson has gone down hill are completely over exaggerating by the downfall of the Knicks. Yes he wavered a bit on defense last season but don’t forget that one of the main reasons he was so good in Dallas was Rick Carlisle putting him in the best situation, Dirk being on the perimeter most of the time, and the training staff led by Casey Smith. Smith kept him on the court without the worry of injuries slowing him down. Now that he and Smith are united once again, Tyson should be back to Defensive Player of the Year form or at least close to it.

Offensively Chandler has never been the best player on the court or the go to guy, but with the Mavericks he gets more opportunities to score at the rim with the flow offense. With Dirk being a stretch four, Tyson has the paint nearly all to himself. This gives him one-on-one scoring opportunities that he can thrive on. Also, if you thought the Mavericks pick and roll game with Dirk and Monta was already deadly enough then you better prepare yourself for next season. A Monta and Tyson pick and roll could almost only end in a score from Monta driving to the paint or a hard roll to the rim by Chandler. Either way I would be scared if I were opposing defenses, because you also have great shooters in Dirk, Chandler Parsons, and Jameer Nelson ready to knock down shots.

Overall Tyson Chandler is still able to put up great numbers across the board and most likely will this season. Even though most people probably don’t think of Tyson as an elite center anymore, I urge you to watch how dominant he will be this year and rethink your opinion.

Last time Chandler came through he brought a championship, hopefully the result will be no different this time around.


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