Mavs introduce new player acquisitions

The Dallas Mavericks not only unveiled new alternate team uniforms Tuesday, September 23, afternoon, but introduced their off-season acquisitions to the media and fans.

There has been quite a bit of buzz around the city of Dallas and the new Dallas Mavericks players added this off-season, a feeling that hasn’t been felt since the 2010-2011 championship season. Owner Mark Cuban reiterated that feeling throughout the press conference, as did head coach Rick Carlisle.

The last couple off-seasons haven’t been very exciting for Mavs fans as they’ve managed to strike out on landing a ‘big fish’ in recent years. While the Monta Ellis signing has turned out to be a great investment by the Mavs, it certainly didn’t feel like that to Mavs fans last summer.

This year the additions of Chandler Parsons, Jameer Nelson, Raymond Felton, Richard Jefferson, Greg Smith, Al-Farouq Aminu, and most notably the return of Tyson Chandler has created enormous excitement in Dallas. While Jefferson wasn’t able to make it to the press conference due to travel conflicts, Mavs fans were invited to meet all the new players that’ll rep the blue and white colors this season.

While there was excitement and cheers for every single new comer as they were presented, it goes without saying that Tyson Chandler stole the show. He received the loudest standing ovation from all the fans and the most questions.

Chandler emphasized on how ‘indebted’ he is to the Mavericks for bringing him back and for giving him the opportunity. He mentioned also that the team has already been working out together and building that team chemistry needed in order to win a championship. He stated this is the earliest he’s ever seen a team come together to workout and practice before the start of a season and is excited for the upcoming year. He also stated that he’s in better shape than he was back in 2010-2011 and is excited to be playing alongside Dirk Nowitzki again. Tyson Chandler on what Dirk Nowitzki means to him: “Dirk means the world to me. Dirk is the leader.”

Chandler Parsons, who many fans are excited to see on the court, also expressed his enthusiasm to learn from one of the all time great in Nowitzki. “I’m willing to do whatever coach Carlisle needs of me,” said Parsons in reference to his commitment on the defensive end of the floor. Parsons is a young player with a lot of potential to become an all around player which is what gives Mavs fans such hope and excitement for the future. When asked if he enjoyed the night life in Dallas Parsons replied, “No more partying for this guy. Me and Mark did enough when I signed.”

It’s no secret that coach Rick Carlisle preaches defense to all his players and will use the Mavs depth to his advantage. Carlisle stated that he’ll focus his defensive concept around the Mavs strength in numbers.

Al-Farouq Aminu, along with Parsons, is expected to help fill the void left by Shawn Marion’s departure. A fan even volunteered to give him the nickname “The Matrix Reloaded.” Raymond Felton expressed how excited he is to be Mavs and is ready to give it his all. Jameer Nelson was asked who his biggest role models are and he responded his parents are who he looks up to. Greg Smith wasn’t asked a questions but make no mistake about it his role on this team is crucial in backing up Tyson Chandler and knowing his injury history.

There’s no denying the excitement and hype surrounding this Mavs team as they prepare to start training camp in the next week or so. Here are some more memorable quotes from the press conference:

  1. A Mavs fan asked Chandler Parsons who is best defender between Harden, Lin, & Mavs game day camel: “It’s a push,” replied Parsons
  2. Rick Carlisle: “Our first practice is going to be a defensive practice. That’s the way we did it in 2010.”
  3. Tyson Chandler: “I missed the fans. I feel very fortunate to be back.”
  4. Rick Carlisle: “We think this team can be special.”
  5. Mark Cuban: “I’m just ready to win some games and kick everyone’s a**.”
  6. A Mavs fan asked Mark Cuban if the Rockets are the Mavericks biggest rival: “I hate them all!” replied Mark Cuban

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