Jameer Nelson is the most important addition for the Mavs

With the start of training camp, and the first preseason game just around the corner, it’s time to get real about who really is most important signing for the Dallas Mavericks.

Yes, signing the Chandler brothers is huge for Mavericks, but there’s this guy named Jameer Nelson, and he is the most important signing that the Mavericks made this off-season. Here’s why.

Last season, Jameer Nelson ranked ninth overall in assists per game. That’s 11 spots higher than Monta Ellis, and 23 spots higher than Jose Calderon. He averaged seven assists per game last season, and his numbers might increase from that with the high-powered offense the Mavericks are bringing to the table this season.

In the two games he played against the Mavericks last season he averaged 18 points, and shot 7-14 from the field in one of those games. Not only can he dish out the ball, but he can also make shots when he’s called upon. He had six double-doubles last season. That’s five more than Calderon and Devin Harris.

Think about all the great pass-first point guards the Mavericks have had, and how well they did. Jason Kidd? Steve Nash? I’d say those teams were pretty good. No offense to Jose, but there were times last season where he would make sloppy passes that would result in turnovers.

Dallas has too many shooters to have a scoring point guard like Derrick Rose or Russell Westbrook. They’ve been craving a pass-first point guard since Kidd left for New York. Which is why I think Nelson is a perfect fit for this team. The selflessness is there for Nelson to not care about how much he’s scoring as long as he’s getting his teammates involved.

The tag-team duo that everyone is excited about is watching Dirk and Parsons, but don’t forget Jameer has a history of getting his big men involved. Dwight Howard anyone? Those two led the Orlando Magic team to the NBA Finals in 2009, and it should be interesting to see the chemistry between Dirk and Jameer, as well as Tyson.

Nelson has pinpoint accuracy with his passing, and he’s basically automatic from anywhere on the court. He’s not afraid to drive to the basket, and once he’s there chances are he’s making the shot. He has speed that could match Monta Ellis which is scary for opponents, and is crossover is deadly. (check Paul Pierce video) His ability to drive past opponents and then kick it out to the likes of Monta Ellis, Chandler Parsons, and Dirk will make Dallas one of the hardest teams to guard.

As much as MFFL Nation loves Devin Harris, the logical move would to have Nelson starting with Harris coming off the bench. Either way, the Mavericks are going to have the run and gun offense they’ve been wanting, and all that starts with Jameer Nelson bring the ball up the court.