Al-Farouq Aminu: The Matrix Reloaded

For most of his four-year NBA career he’s played small forward.

He started the first preseason game of the year Tuesday night at power forward – filling in for an injured Dirk – and showed he can compete with the big boys, that he came to Dallas to play.

He missed his first reverse layup of the night but made up for it with a not-too-shabby performance of 8 points – including a couple of awesome floaters – 11 rebounds, two steals and one monster block. And he did this while hitting just 1-of 5 in 20 minutes.

He’s Al-Farouq Aminu. #7. And he just might be The Matrix…Reloaded. Move over Morpheus, Neo and Trinity.

Like the original Matrix – Shawn Marion – Aminu has a unique blend of showmanship and athleticism that can power any team from the bench or as a starter. Like Marion, he’s an awesome rebounder and can pretty much guard any position.

He can definitely split the positions and play at a high level at both and, at brings some defensive edginess to the Mavs. He’s quick, fast and in your face.

Hopefully we will see more of the 6-foot-9, 215-pound Aminu at the power forward position during the preseason. He probably won’t start once the season begins – at either position – and that’s okay. He has the look of an A+ role player sparking the bench with the potential to help propel the Mavs to a win game after game.

If Dirk is ever down again or even one Chandler Parsons – I’d look to Aminu: The Matrix…Reloaded.


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