Jamie Foxx should be the Mavs ambassador

Okay MFFL’s, the NBA season is one day away and I’ve got a question for you:

Who should serve as the Mavs’ team ambassador?

The Hype Guy – or Gal. The one who supports and promotes our team. The one who pumps up the team, the crowd, the fans. The person who will act as our unofficial representative, booster and backer.

You know. Like Drake, the rapper and singer – and the Toronto’s Raptor’s official global ambassador. He can be seen roaming the floor court side at most, if not all, Raptors games and haunting the NBA locker room with his motivational speeches and high-energy enthusiasm. He even got fined $25,000 last year for trying to recruit the Thunder’s Kevin Duran during a concert.

Hey, whatever works.

Personally, I think we could use an ambassador of our own. I mean we actually already have one in the person of Owner Mark Cuban. He’s this team’s biggest cheerleader we all know. But if we could get our very own ambassador who doesn’t own the team, who would you choose?

Let’s look at some criteria. Of course the ambassador has to have some ties to the team, the city or the state in which the team plays. There are a lot of famous faces from the Lone Star State. Singer Selena Gomez is a Grand Prairie native who last year performed at the Cowboy’s Thanksgiving half-time show. Probably not. Academy Award Winner Matthew McConaughey – alright, alright, alright – was born in Uvalde, Texas but he’s wrapped up for 3 or 4 lifetimes by the UT Longhorns football team as their unofficial ambassador.

Actress Robin Wright, Sean Penn’s ex-wife, was born in Dallas and her mom was even a national director for Mary Kay. But somehow I don’t see the ex-Mrs. Penn wearing an MFFL T-shirt and giving the refs a piece of her mind. Actor Woody Harrelson of Cheer’s fame was born out west in Midland but…well, no.

The ambassador doesn’t just hype the team, crowd and fans, the ambassador also serves as an unofficial “recruiter” of sorts, attracting prized free agents. The ambassador will be the “non-player” face of the team much like Dirk is the “player” face of the team.

And most importantly, the ambassador has to care about the team, the city.

I think our official ambassador should be Jamie Foxx. Terrell-born Foxx is a lifelong Mavericks fan who knows the team, the players and the moves. He even proclaimed when the Mavs won the championship three years ago; “I’m going to get me a fake ring.”

“I love to name drop, and I was talking to Michael Jordan, and I said, ‘Tyson Chandler is a great pick up for us because what he does is he gives us a little bit of an attitude,’” Foxx said during an interview with The Dallas Morning News the day of the 2011 championship parade. “He doesn’t have to score 30 points. All he needs to do is slam-dunk the ball and it gives us a boost and that’s all we needed, and look at us now.”

Did you read his language? It gives “us” a boost and look at “us” now. Ownership. He claims the Mavs. He claims the city. He claims the team. “This is fantastic for the city, and I’m happy for those guys,” Foxx told The News after the championship win. “I get a chance to brag. I’m going to get me a fake ring.”

Jamie Foxx for Mavs Ambassador.


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