Mavs offensive prowess

As of 12 games the Maverick’s offense is the best in the league, and in a league where offensive teams are in abundance this is a great achievement. What makes the Mavs offense so good is a number of things. From their passing, the ability to get to the rim, or their excellency in pull up jumpers.

Lets start with their passing. Now good ball movement in this league is a must, and the Mave have displayed that very well over the course of this young season. The Mavs are making the extra pass which Rick Carlisle has stressed in the off-season. The guards in Ellis and Nelson aren’t taking the first shot they see, they are finding the open guy cutting to the basket or when they drive they are kicking to the corner where Chandler Parsons is waiting to splash down a three. Good passing is the basis of a solid and championship caliber offense, and the Mavs have it.

Now onto their ability to drive and get shots close to the rim. The Mavs lead the league by a large margin in PPG on Drives at 39.3 points (via In 2nd is the Suns with 32 and then the Thunder are 15th with 25. The gap between 1st and 2nd is the same as 2nd to 15th, that’s just an absurd statistic. Monta Ellis is the driving force in this area of the offense, his ability to get to the rim has surpassed from last year and he just makes it look easy and defenses seem to have little or no way to stop him as he racked up 34 points last night against the Wizards. With the addition of Tyson Chandler the Mavs have become the new lob city with Tyson leading the league in dunks and the Mavs leading the league in dunks as a team. With the Mavs being a threat to drive that opens up perimeter shots and mid-range jumpers for players like Dirk and Parsons.

Dallas is also excellent at the pick and roll game. With the combination of Dirk and Ellis or Chandler and Ellis it opens so many options as what to do with the ball.  The Mavs are also 1st in the league in pull up PPG (via, once again led by the shooting of Ellis who comes off those screens set by Dirk or Tyson and hits those mid-range jumpers like they’re layups. If that shot isn’t open then you have Tyson who crashes to the basket which sets up an alley-oop or a bounce pass then you let Tyson do Tyson. Then you have Dirk who can pop out beyond the arc and nail down a three like he’s done his entire career.

The Mavs are a very versatile, and fast offensive team. They move the ball quickly they have a bucket load of guys that can score, especially coming off the bench which has been a key factor in the Mavs start to this season. The Mavs have the Lakers tomorrow and then the Rockets in Houston on Saturday. This is Chandler Parsons’ first return to Houston of the season so that game will be a must watch, and will most likely be an offensive slugfest. The question that looms is can the Mavs keep up the offense when the difficult part of the schedule rolls around? With the players on the team and the coaching of Carlisle the answer is looking like a solid possibility the Mavs can keep it going.