Who has been the Mavs MVP so far?

With the first month of basketball in the books, and the Mavericks looking at an impressive 12-5 record, it has started to become clear who the Mavericks MVP has been and most likely will be for the rest of the season. Despite the entire team playing some of the best basketball of their individual careers, only one player could be chosen for the first month MVP.

Everyone’s initial thinking would of course go to the 7 foot German Dirk Nowitzki, but take a look at the numbers. While Dirk has been the most consistent and efficient player with a PER of 23.96, he does not lead the team in any statistical category. He is second in PPG at 19.4, as well as second in RPG at 5.7. And while Dirk has stepped up multiple times this season for clutch shots and to be the cold-blooded assassin the team needs, he is no longer doing it on a nightly bases. Which is good. Dallas has wanted to make Dirk the second or third best player on this team for the past 2 seasons in order to create another championship roster. So even though Dirk isn’t the teams MVP, he is still one of the most valuable assets.

Chandler Parsons came into the season with the hype of being the next big thing in Dallas, and while he still may be the future of this team, he is not the current MVP. Parsons started off the season a little shaky and with some inconsistency by only showing up every other game, and while that may have worried some, Chandler kept working and is now becoming a more consistent and valuable part of this team. He has stepped up a few games this season and shown his enormous upside which gives us all hope and excitement for the future, but right now Parsons is not the best player on this Mavericks team.

The return of Tyson Chandler was probably one of this summers best acquisitions, he was welcomed with open arms and with the hope he would be the savior of the Dallas defense. And he has been. Tyson is averaging 1.6 BPG and has been the undisputed anchor on that side of the ball. He is also leading the team in rebounds at 11.2 per game and is posting an impressive PER of 22.7. And while he is the only Maverick to be averaging a double-double, he is not this teams current MVP.

This teams current MVP is Monta Ellis. Monta is leading the team in PPG at 19.7, APG at 4.8, and SPG at 1.4. He is posting a career high PER of 19.04 and has had three 30+ point games all resulting in a win, not to mention he is shooting an impressive 46% from the field and 34% from deep. He gives 100% effort every night and will continue to lead the Mavericks throughout the season and into the post season. Monta Ellis has been this teams most valuable player in almost every aspect of the game and will most likely continue to do whatever is necessary to bring Dallas another title.

With all the talent on this team it is extremely hard to select just one player for MVP. Every player does their job and whatever is required of them that game to get a win. The Mavericks have consistently been a selfless team, and that’s what has made them so good this season. If this kind of team basketball is maintained throughout the season and into the playoffs, this team has a real chance at the trophy.


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