Monta Ellis Have It All

The Mavericks have pulled off two consecutive heroic wins over the Chicago Bulls in double overtime couple nights ago and the Milwaukee Bucks last night, in large part to the heroic efforts by Monta Ellis. Ellis led all scorers with 38 points against the Bulls and all Mavs scorers with 23 points against the Bucks, serving as the Mavs closer down the stretch in both contests.

Now as I scrolled through my twitter timeline during the Bulls game I noticed a lot of frustration and negativity towards Ellis throughout the evening but I for one couldn’t understand why. By the end of the night there was not a single negativity comment said about Ellis after he scored the Mavs last 5 points in the fourth quarter and hit a huge three-point shot from the top of the key to give the Mavs for good in double overtime.

Although Monta was having a bad shooting night against the Bucks he still managed to score 8 points in the final two minutes to seal a win.  In the Bucks game there was noticeably less negativity being posted about Monta but nonetheless there was still some floating around.

What is it about Monta that drives some Mavs fans crazy? Is it his ability to be a little too aggressive sometimes? Maybe it’s his ill-advised shots at times during the game. Well whatever the case made me I’m for one am glad Ellis plays the way he does. Because the truth of the matter is that besides Dirk Monta is the only player on the team that can take over a game on a consistent basis.

Sure he can make silly mistakes here and there and one could argue he almost cost the Mavs the game against the Bulls by driving in for a layup instead of passing it back to Dirk for a three to tie the game at the end of regulation, but more times than not more good happens than bad. Monta is fearless and that’s exactly what the Mavericks need on this squad.

Now I know I may get some backlash from some Mavs fans for what I’m about to say, but Dirk can no longer carry this team on a night in night out basis nor should we want him too. Whether we accept it or not Dirk is aging and it’s to his benefit as well as the team’s that the load is lightened off his shoulders.

Monta Ellis showed us last season how dynamic he can be offensively and his ability to take over games and he showed us that once again last night against the Bulls. Of course there’ll be times where we may say why did you take that shot or pass ball in this and that scenario but more times than not Monta is going to make a good or great play. Monta is in his prime and plays with a chip on his shoulder to prove he’s one of the top shooting guards and flat-out scorers in the NBA.

Monta is the only other player right now besides Dirk that can take over a game offensively and wear the Batman cape we’re so accustomed seeing Dirk wear.

Now I still strongly believe Parsons will be another player that is able to take over a game and will his team to victory but that time is not yet here. Chandler Parsons has improved over the last couple games and I expect him to play a larger role as the season goes on. Parsons issue may be that he’s trying too hard to live up to his contract along with the fact he’s still adjusting to a new system. Look at Lance Stephenson and his struggles out in Charlotte, give Parsons more time, but that’s a different topic for another day.
For now the Mavs need Monta to keep being Monta and be the aggressive player that he’s shown to be. He reminds me a lot of Jason Terry when he was with the Mavs, but a more athletic version. He’s not afraid to miss a big shot and his confidence doesn’t diminish, he’ll simply take his next shot with as much fearlessness as the last one.

Monta leads the team in scoring averaging 20.6 points to go along with 1.5 steals and may very well be on his way to his first All-Star selection. Monta has arguably been the Mavs best offensive player and its most clutch early on in the season. Even when he’s not scoring he’s still able to distribute the ball as showcased by his 7 assists against the Bucks.

Oh did i forget to mention that Ellis leads the team in assists and steals? Yeah, Monta Have It All.


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