Dallas Mavericks secret weapon

Every basketball fan in the country has heard of the unstoppable force known as RUN DMC, but there’s more to the Mavericks than just Dirk, Monta, and Chandler Parsons. Jameer Nelson and Tyson Chandler round out the starting five but the Mavericks secret weapon lies outside of the starting line up. He comes off the bench and doesn’t get any of the credit he deserves, his name is Jae Crowder.

Crowder is only receiving 10.2 minutes per game in a very crowded Dallas lineup, but what he does with those 10 minutes is extraordinary. He is only scoring an average of 4 points per game but has had multiple games this season where he has scored 10 or more when given the opportunity. Despite not being a huge scorer, Crowder is shooting 46% from the field and almost 40% from deep. If he keeps those numbers up, per 36 minutes he’d be averaging 13.7 points per game as well as 3.5 rebounds and 1.8 assists per contest.

Defensively Crowder is one of the best on the team. He can guard from the point to the power forward and has consistently been one of Coach Rick Carlisle’s go-to defensive stoppers. Last year he was second to Shawn Marion and this year he remains the second option behind Al-Farouq Aminu. But when they aren’t on the court Jae Crowder is looked to to guard players like Kevin Durant and Kobe Bryant. By the numbers, Crowder was Dallas’ best defensive player last season,  with a team low defensive rating of 99.0 points per 100 possessions. Over the summer Crowder has continued to improve and looks to improve on this already elite stat.

Despite not getting the playing time or respect that he deserves, Jae Crowder keeps grinding away and taking advantage of the opportunities he gets. Whenever Coach Carlisle calls his number, he’ll be ready to either take a tough defensive assignment or knock down some 3-pointers, this is what makes him Dallas’ secret weapon.


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