Rajon Rondo to Dallas

Speaking on part of MFFL’s everywhere, welcome to Dallas Rajon Rondo! After much speculation over Rondo trade rumors since Wednesday night, Mavs fans can be thrilled that Rondo will be sporting the white and blue for the rest of this season at least.

Rondo didn’t come cheap as the Mavs had to part with Brandan Wright and Jae Crowder, both young players who have yet to hit their prime years, along with Jameer Nelson and a future first round and second round draft pick. Crowder has shown promise but hasn’t really made an impact like many Mavs fans had hoped he would thus far this season. Wright on the other hand is one of the most efficient players in the league and has been a key piece off the bench all year and will be missed. Jameer Nelson is simply no longer a starting point guard for a contending team at this point in his career but played hard night in and night out. Thank you to all three players for their time spent with the Mavs.

Now let’s take a look at how the Rondo trade benefits the Mavs team as currently constructed. Rondo is perhaps the best pure point guard in the league and what I mean by that is Rondo is a pass first, shoot second type of point guard. He loves getting his teammates involved and putting them in a position to score. He’s one of the best floor generals in the NBA and being on a team like the Mavs with so many offensive weapons is like putting a little kid in a candy shop.

Besides Rondo’s ability to distribute he also brings a defensive presence out on the perimeter that the Mavs have sorely lacked, especially against the Western Conference elite teams. There’s no denying that Jameer Nelson has not panned out as the starting point guard and really it’s not his fault. He’s no longer in his prime and doesn’t have the athleticism to match up with the Chris Paul, Russell Westbrook, Tony Parker or even the Steph Curry’s of the NBA.

Now a lot of critics may say Rondo hasn’t been the same player from a couple years ago and while that may be true the 2014 version isn’t too shabby by any imagination. Also going from a bottom tier Eastern Conference Boston Celtics team to a potential title contender can do wonders for a player’s focus and motivation on a day in and day out basis. I can’t imagine Rick Carlisle not being on board with this trade and if Carlisle is on board, so am I.

Rajon Rondo doesn’t come without some negative dimensions to his game. His shooting from all aspects of the court have been horrible and he’s never been known to hit a consistent mid-range jumper. Rondo’s presence may shrink the floor offensively for Monta Ellis when he’s in attack mode as I would believe teams would play loose off of Rondo when the ball is Monta’s hand. Team chemistry has been another criticism of Rondo through his years, especially when he was playing alongside Kevin Garnett, Paul Pierce and Ray Allen a few years ago. Rondo’s addition means that the Mavs lose a key big man in Brandan Wright and may have to shop around to find someone to fill that void off the bench.

My answer to the negativity of Rondo coming to Dallas is simple, Rick Carlisle. Like I mentioned earlier if Rick Carlisle is on board with this trade then so am I. The Mavs locker room seems to cure a lot of so called “selfish” players, the culture in Dallas is a winning one and Rondo is a winner and wants to win again. As far as Rondo’s presence shrinking the floor I have to ask, is that really a deal-breaker?

This team has too much talent to not still be a top 5 offense at worst. The Mavericks would become more balanced with the addition of Rondo and in the end that’ll be more beneficial in the playoffs. I expect Al-Farouq Aminu to benefit the most from this trade and see his minutes and production go up.

That’s my opinion what’s yours MFFL’s?


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