Chandler Parsons hitting his stride

It’s taken about a quarter of the season for it to happen, but the Mavs are finally getting the production out of Chandler Parsons they were hoping for in the offseason.


Parsons had a season high, 32 points, against the Detroit Pistons Wednesday night and over the last 5 games has been averaging 24.6 points, 4.8 rebounds .8 blocks and 1.2 steals per game.

What’s been most impressive is that Parsons has been shooting a ridiculous 59.5% and 58.8% from three-point land. So what’s changed for Parsons that has allowed him to get into such a groove?

Well for one thing Parsons is feeling more comfortable in the Mavs system and is starting to regain some confidence he lost early on in the season. Moving to a new team isn’t always a smooth transition especially with all the high expectations that come along with the max contract Parsons signed.

Parsons is human after all and wants to prove he’s worthy of such a big payday, not only that but team chemistry has to be one of the most underrated aspects of the game of basketball. Not everyone clicks instantly on the floor, especially when there’s so much talent on one team. Just take a look at Lance Stephenson and that whole mess of a situation with the Charlotte Hornets, that’s a prime example one player’s success on one team doesn’t rapidly translate on another. LeBron James has gone through changing teams twice already and both times got off to a shaky start before finally figuring out to play with his new teammates. And it also helps that Chandler Parsons has one of the best coaches in the NBA in Rick Carlisle.

Rick Carlisle has worked relentlessly on Parsons shooting mechanics and it’s showed in month of December. Each month Parson’s shooting has improved and while there were only two games played in October it’s still relevant in pointing out Parson’s early struggles.

Month             PPG         FG%      3pt%

October             13            .385       .286

November        14.6         .415       .327

December       21.8         .522       .462

The Mavericks have done a better job in putting Parsons in open space and be able to create more for himself and his teammates, after all that’s what the Mavs envisioned when they signed him. Parsons has done a much better job at being aggressive offensively and driving to the basket which can also be credited to him shooting better from the perimeter. As he has found his shooting touch his confidence has grown in attacking the rim and that’s huge for Parsons.

Defenders now have to respect both his shooting and driving ability and that gives Parsons options on how to attach opposing defenses. Parsons is also averaging 1.2 steals in the month of December and has done a better job of man on man coverage defensively.

Now of course Parsons still has a ways to go to improve defensively and the last few games is still a small sample size but nonetheless it’s an encouraging sign seeing the level of basketball Parsons has played with recently.



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