Dallas Mavericks and Jermaine O’Neal need to join forces

Dallas Mavericks currently sit at 5th place in the Western Conference. Many teams are making moves around the NBA, should Dallas make any more roster adjustments that will help them make a deep run in the playoffs?

The biggest need I feel the Mavs have at the moment is another physical big man who can help fill the void left by Brandon Wright. Charlie Villanueva and Greg Smith have both stepped up to try and offer some much-needed support, but neither can offer the strength and explosiveness that Wright brought to the table.

Dwight Powell has shown some promise in his garbage time minutes by knocking down some shots from beyond the arc as well as playing some promising defense. But for the time being Powell will stay shelved and maybe worked into the rotation in the future.

The promising route could be picking up a quality back up big off of free agency. Jermaine O’Neal has been hinting strongly at an NBA return and also stating family will be a big factor for him when he makes a decision. With his routes in the Dallas area the Mavericks seem like an obvious choice for him. The Dallas Mavericks along with the Warriors, Clippers, Blazers, and Cavs have shown interest in signing the former six-time NBA All Star center.

If the Mavs can’t find a way to sign Jermaine O’Neal, one player that I would look into signing would be Andray Blatche. Currently playing in China, Blatche can’t sign an NBA deal until February when their season ends.

No matter which direction Mark Cuban and Donnie Nelson decide to take the team in these coming weeks I have no doubt it will be the right one. The Mavericks front office rarely makes a bad decision and Coach Carlisle will be able to use whoever he is given to their utmost potential. No matter what way you put it, the future looks bright for Dallas.


One thought on “Dallas Mavericks and Jermaine O’Neal need to join forces

  1. I’d love a signing of Jermaine O’neal. If not maybe we could swing a deal for KG if the nets are selling crazy low. Unlikely.

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