Mavs vs West’s top 8 teams

If you look at the Mavericks 26-12 record and 5th place spot in the West, you think we are in good shape. Which we are don’t get me wrong, but when you break down that record and see who the wins and losses are against it can raise a red flag.

The Mavs are 1-8 against the top 8 teams in the West, 16-4 against the East and then 9-0 against the rest of the West.

Being before the All-star break the record isn’t something that needs to raise a ton of concern, but it is something that needs to be addressed immediately before the season goes on and the playoff push gets heated.

The Mavs’ woes against good teams was made apparent when they were routed by the Clippers 120-100 on Saturday. It was an overall bad game by the entire team. Especially on defense, when they allowed LA to shoot 52% from the field. Dirk had 25 points (10-19) which was a bright spot for him since he has been shooting poorly for the past few weeks.

Rondo shot only 1-11 from the floor, I know he isn’t used for his scoring but for the Mavs to be successful he needs to shoot better. He isn’t to blame for the Mavs’ poor record but he has to get his consistency back so the they can be more of a balanced offense when it comes to scoring.

This isn’t a major issue right now, I’m not sure if it’s just a mental thing or the Mavs just happen to play badly on the wrong nights.

Whatever it is needs to be fixed, otherwise the Mavs may find it difficult advancing to the second round in the playoffs. They have the talent and coaching that it takes to make a deep postseason run. Therefore, Mavericks have to learn how to defeat the quality teams in the Western Conference to prepare them to make that deep post season run.