Grizzlies or Rockets: Who is the better matchup?

With the playoffs only a few weeks away and barring a massive collapse over the course of the next 7 games, the Mavs look like they have a shot at staying in playoff contention. With that in mind, who would we rather see them play?

A perfect world would have the Mavericks catching the Spurs and overtake them for the 6th seed but with the Spurs being hot right now that doesn’t seem likely so our best bet is staying in the 7th seed.

Staying in the 7th seed would have us more than likely playing the Grizzlies or the Rockets.

The Rockets are without Patrick Beverly for the rest of the season and that is going to hurt them defensively. Especially when going against the better point guards in the league such as Rajon Rondo.

Houston plays at a fast pace and likes to shoot from outside. Even though the Mavs have been abysmal at guarding the 3, the fast pace at which the Rockets go at is what the Mavs like to do and will help the Dallas offense flow.

Of course, the most logical way to beat the Rockets is to stop James Harden, but stopping the potential MVP is not an easy task.

If Dallas meets Houston in the 1st round you can bet on it being a battle every night out.

Then there’s Memphis. Who will no doubt be a completely different match up then the Rockets. The Grizzlies are a much more physical and slower team, and have a great front court in Marc Gasol and Zach Randolph ho can bang anyone around down low.

It will be hard for the Mavs to stick through that for potentially 7 games. Even more so if they were to fall behind and have to play at the slow pace the Grizzlies play at.

Either match up will be a dog fight but from the stand point on how the Mavs play and the fact that Houston is battling injuries. The Mavs playing Houston 1st round is their best bet in moving on.