Is Ty Lawson a good fit? Answer not so simple

Darren Collison, Mike James, Derek Fisher, Jose Calderon, Jameer Nelson, Devin Harris, J.J Barea, Raymond Felton and Rajon Rondo, those are some of the point guards that have suited up and started at the point guard position for the Dallas Mavericks since Jason Kidd left after the 2011-2012 season.

It’s no question that point guard is a priority for these Mavs going into the offseason and while they’ve had solid play at the point guard position from the likes of Devin Harris, J.J Barea and Jose Calderon the past couple seasons they’re still looking for an upgrade. Bad draft picks or essentially no draft picks, as is the case more times than not, have forced the Mavericks into the position they’re currently in, maybe Ty Lawson is the answer?

In responding to a fans comment on instagram about perhaps playing for Dallas, Ty Lawson replied “I wish” and it started a circulation of rumors over the last few weeks of a possible Ty Lawson being moved to the Mavericks in some sort of a possible trade.

Well for thing’s first, free agency has yet to start and there’s been no clear indication from the Mavs front office that they’d be interested in such a move. The Denver Nuggets, however, have made it no secret that Ty Lawson is one of a number of players they’d like to explore trade suitors for this offseason.

So is Ty Lawson at point guard? Let’s look at the pros and cons.


1) His age, only 27 years old he’s entering his prime and helps the Mavs get better at the point guard position. Point guard has been a plug and play the last few seasons and Lawson would at least give them stability at the position for the next couple seasons.

2) He can shoot the basketball, career 46.6 % field goal percentage and 36.9% from beyond the arc.

3) Can push the tempo of the offense to Rick Carlisle’s liking and has a favorable contract,$11.595, 12.4 and 13.213 million over the next three seasons is pretty good if he’s the point guard of the future.

4) Has good lateral quickness on defense and is capable of pick pocketing the opposing player, averages 1.2 steals per game over his career


1) Leadership, the Nuggets plain out quit on their coach and were a dysfunctional team internally and is a main reason why a number of their players are on the trading block. How big of a role did Ty Lawson if at all? Mavs would definitely need to do their homework on that.

2) Defense, while he does have the quickness to keep up with most point guards he only stands 5’11” which can be a problem against taller guards. It can be a problem if opposing point guards decided to post up down low or in defending the three-point land, yes a couple of inches can make a difference.

3) Off the court issue, I say issue because he was arrested on suspicion of a DUI nack in January of this year and that does raise some eyebrows. The last thing the Mavericks need is worrying about what their starting point guard is doing off the court.

4) His contract, while I listed his contract up above as a PRO it can also be a CON if he flares out and doesn’t work out. You’re stuck with him for three seasons and will have to make it work one way or another. If Lawson didn’t work out in Dallas his value would take a severe hit and make him hard to trade again.

One things I didn’t list that is worth mentioning is that bringing in Ty Lawson means no more Monta Ellis. I didn’t list it above because it really depends whether or not you see Monta staying or leaving as a good or bad thing.

Personally if the Mavs see Ty Lawson as their future point guard I’m fine with leaving Monta Ellis leave because can you imagine that backcourt on defense? It just wouldn’t work defensively and even offensively Lawson needs the ball in his hand to create, that’s the point guards job but Monta Ellis also needs it in his hand to be effective and that can be a problem.

Too many times the Mavericks have ignored having players that can play on both sides of the court so if Ty Lawson is your point guard then you need a bigger and stronger shooting guard that can defend to pair him up with and Monta Ellis is simply not the answer.

At the same time Ty Lawson may or may not be the answer, that’s up to the Mavericks front office to find out and research if Lawson has the character and work ethic to play under Rick Carlisle. Lawson is a good player but the answer is far from a slam dunk.




One thought on “Is Ty Lawson a good fit? Answer not so simple

  1. Monta Ellis is a solid shooting guard. He can shoot jump shots, finish with authority, and steal the ball. His defense is average in my opinion. I’ve watched almost every Mav game this season and I know exactly how he plays. He isn’t the type who focuses on defense, in which you were saying. But he CAN play defense. He isn’t the best at it, of course, but he also isn’t the worse. He can play solid defense if he feels like it, and that is the problem. He has to play defense at full percent every game. Lawson on the other hand is a solid point guard. He can shoot if needed, pass like Rondo, and can break ankles. He could be the new center piece of the Mavs once Dirk Nowitzki retires. Ty Lawson and Dirk Nowitzki would make a very nice pick and roll sequence with Monta Ellis. Lawson’s brilliant playmaking and passing with Dirks physical screens would allow Monta to get more drives, cuts, and scores. AND THATS WHAT THE MAVS NEED. The mavs had Rondo last year who did nothing. Of course though, everyone thought he would be a good player on the Mavs, but he obvisously wasn’t. But Lawson can space out the floor and get shooters open like Ellis, Parsons, and Dirk. (And no one say Ellis is not a good shooter, because he is a dominant jump shooter, statistics show.) In my opinion as a Dallas Maverick fan, I could see Lawson coming to the Mavs and making it work.
    •But who do we trade? The Denver Nuggets don’t have an amazing Center. The Dallas Mavericks have Tyson Chandler and Amare Stoudemire. Why don’t the Mavericks do either Amare Stoudemire(if he stays)or Tyson Chandler if they throw in a center of theirs. My opinion for a trade might be invalid and unfair but it’s just a thought. If Mavs trade Amare, then just keep on starting Tyson. If Mavs trade Tyson then just start Amare. But in my opinion the trade would work. The Mavs could figure out a way and it will probably work out this time. Thanks for reading this

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