Reasons why you should go to Dirk Nowitzki’s Heroes celebrity baseball game

Since 2011, Dirk Nowitzki and dozens of sports all-stars gather to play a friendly game of Baseball to benefit the Heroes Foundation. The Heroes Foundation provides Dallas youth the opportunity to participate in team baseball, basketball, educational and cultural curriculum’s, all while building self-confidence. Their programs allow youth to learn the fundamentals of baseball and basketball through clinics, instructional leagues, one-on-one training and tournaments.

So why am I advocating Dirk’s Celebrity Baseball game? Well besides the fact that it’s a BLAST and it’s for a good cause it’s a reminder that even after a less than memorable season fans can gather together and watch a fun game of out favorite DFW sport athletes.

This was a very frustrating season for all Mavs fans because of the high expectations that were set after all the new acquisitions. Some were thinking a possible run at the Finals when the season started while many more were expecting at least one or two playoff series victories.

Needless to say a first round playoff exit to the Houston Rockets was perhaps one of the worst ways for the Mavericks season to end. But that doesn’t mean we all can’t forget about that and watch Dirk Nowitzki attempt to play baseball, trust me it’s a sight you’d want to see and get a good chuckle or two out of it.

Last year was the first time I attended the event and I definitely had a fun time just watching players like Dez Bryant and Jason Witten swing the bat to go along with a pair of my favorite Texas Rangers players of all-time, Ivan Rodriguez and Michael Young. Tyler Seguin was the main attraction for all Dallas Star fans out there and of course some Mavs legends such as Michael Finley and Brian Cardinal the ‘janitor’ were able to participate as well.

Charles Barkley is set to appear this year again and I read that he definitely made it fun for the fans and was his usual ‘Sir Charles’ self last time he showed up in 2012.

Perhaps my favorite part of the game was seeing our beloved and future hall of famer Dirk signing autographs way past the game had ended for fans lining up to see a glimpse of the Big German. Dirk is truly a class act and while everyone else had already walked towards the locker rooms to call it a night, there was Dirk signing as many autographs as he could to please the fans he cherishes so much.

It speaks to just how truly a class act he is and how much love and appreciation he has for all us MFFLs, for me personally at least I’ve never seen a star athlete take so much time to make sure as many fans as possible left with some signed memorabilia.

Don’t want to take a shot at any other star athletes but Dirk Nowitzki is truly in a class of his own. His celebrity baseball game is a good time for everyone even if you don’t care about getting any autographs and just simply want to see your favorite DFW players ATTEMPT to play baseball.

Game takes place June 27th hope to see some fellow MFFL’s there!