It’s free agency deja vu for the Mavs

As the 2015 NBA Summer Free Agency looms, an air of dejavu is hovering over both the Dallas Mavericks organization and the city.

There’s a feeling that this is the 2014 free agency summer all over again: the Mavs knee-deep in search of “fresh faces,” some key pieces to place around an aging Dirk, and a “big fish” prepared to meet with Owner Mark, GM Donnie and Coach Carlise then way other offers before “potentially” choosing Dallas as his destination of choice.

And until that decision is made, the Mavs, the city and MFFL’s everywhere are held hostage.

Same situation, different year.

Only this year the cast of characters has changed. Last year it was Carmelo Anthony. This year it’s L.A. Clippers center DeAndre Jordan, and, to a lesser extent, hometown boy and Trailblazers All-star power forward LaMarcus Aldridge.

But there is one twist to this summer’s scenario – Dallas appears to be the top contender for Jordan’s services and may actually land that oft-eluded big fish. It’s being reported by multiple media outlets that Jordan, the Clipper’s big man and league-leading rebounder, is highly likely to sign with the Mavs.

They’ll have to outwit and out-talk the Clippers, Lakers, Knicks, and possibly the Milwaukee Bucks to land him – not to mention possibly lost fan favorite Tyson Chandler – but by all reports, it’s looking good. Jordan is being courted with visits by Maverick Golden Boy and newly crowned “Chief-in-Charge-of-Catching-big-Fish Chandler Parsons (they share the same agent), and is reportedly a serious Dallas Cowboys’ fan which has star Dez Bryant serving as an unofficial free-agent scout as well.

Those little tidbits of information are just enough to get the Mavericks organization dancing in the streets and feeling just a tad bit optimistic. But a hint of caution must remain in the wind and over MFFL land.

For years the Mavs have languished as NOT the destination of choice for top-caliber NBA free agents for reasons not always clear. They have a billionaire owner WILLING to pay what it takes to ensure franchise success, a coach who is one of the best and elite basketball minds in the league, and a face of the franchise player by the name of Dirk Nowitzki who has unselfishly taken less money just to ensure there were a few dollars and cents lefts to bait, lure, catch and reel in that big fish.

But it has never happened. And year-after-year, it appeared that it never would. Until now.

The hashtag #CarmelotoDallas began trending throughout the city this same time last year with no result. The hashtag #DJtoDallas seems more likely.

Only time will tell, and the clock begins at midnight Tuesday.