If Mavs don’t sign DeAndre Jordan or LaMarcus Aldridge, what’s plan B?

The Mavs have got caught going for that ‘big fish’ once again, this time it might pay off. Obviously there are no guarantees that the Mavs will sign one of the superstars in DeAndre Jordan and LaMarcus Aldridge. The Mavs will have plan B ready, lets look at some of their options.

Danny Green – Shooting guard – San Antonio Spurs – Height 6’6 – Age 28

Danny Green is a sharp shooter from the San Antonio Spurs. I believe out of every free agent he is one the best fits for the Mavs. He brings outstanding 3 point shooting, something the Mavs lacked last season. He also brings good perimeter defense, which is an upgrade over Monta Ellis’ below average defense. Danny Green doesn’t have the explosiveness that Monta Ellis has, he is a 3 and D wing, someone Dallas needs, to be a contender in the West. The Mavs would probably have to pay around the 6-10 million per year mark to snag him from the Spurs.

Patrick Beverley – Point Guard – Houston Rockets – Height 6’1 – Age 26 

Patrick Beverley also fits into the 3 and D category, he brings good 3 point shooting along with great perimeter defense, he is possibly the one of the best lockdown defender’s in the league. Chandler Parsons has been recruiting Beverley to the Mavs for quite some time now. Beverley is a restricted free agent, just like Chandler Parsons last season, the Rockets would hate to see the Mavs get another one of their starters. Dallas just has to make sure they don’t overpay Beverley if they make an offer. The Mavs would probably have to offer around 7-10 million per year to get him from the Rockets.

Wesley Mathews – Shooting Guard – Portland Trailblazers – Height 6’5 – Age 28

Wesley Mathews is coming off a season ending Achilles tendon injury, which actually happened against the Mavs in Portland. He brings great shooting and defense, he fitted in well with Damian Lillard and LaMarcus Aldridge in Portland. He played well as the 3rd wheel player with the Blazers, which would possibly be his role in Dallas. After coming off a major injury, he may find it hard to get a big deal, the Mavs would have to pay around 8-14 million per year to get Wesley Mathews.

These are just some of the Mavs plan B options if they don’t land that big fish. I have a good feeling about DeAndre Jordan coming to Dallas though, keep your fingers crossed Mavs fans.