The Dallas Mavericks are now Chandler Parsons’ team

For over a decade the Dallas Mavericks have been Dirk Nowitzki’s team, the sole face of the franchise, particularly after Steve Nash departed to Phoenix. Now it may seem like the Mavericks may belong to a new young player in the name of Chandler Parsons.

Many Mavericks fans may have just broken their computer screens in light of that last sentence but it doesn’t make the previous statement any less accurate. Jeff ‘Skin’ Wade made the comment on the Ben & Skin show yesterday afternoon on 105.3 the Fan and he’s right and here’s why.

Chandler Parsons came to Dallas to become a star and it seems like that progression is in full effect this off-season with him leading the recruiting efforts of the Dallas Mavericks, in particular with DeAndre Jordan. The two have been reported to have been partying in Houston and Los Angeles over the past few days and has many speculating the Dallas Mavericks are the favorites to lure Jordan away from Los Angeles if he indeed decides to leave the Clippers.

Chandler Parsons was a big part of recruiting Dwight Howard to the Houston Rockets in 2013 and after being eliminated from this year’s playoff Parsons proclaimed he felt pretty confident he’d be able to land the Mavs a ‘big fish.’

It’s not only off the court that Parsons is leading the way but he’s expected to have a much bigger role on the court next season, especially with Monta Ellis not expected to re-sign and return to the team. Monta Ellis was the Mavs leading scorer last year and the ball was in his hands when it came to the fourth quarter and crunch time game after game. Now Chandler Parsons will be looked at to shoulder more of the scoring load and perhaps be more of a point forward and utilize his playmaking ability along with his ball handling skills.

Parsons stated that he is as good as a point forward in the league as anyone else in the NBA (yes even LeBron James) and looks to prove it next year.

Many concerns were brought up about the surgery he had on his right knee after the postseason ended and after the Mavericks failed to mention publicly the extent of the surgery many speculated it may have been micro-fracture surgery. Not even 2 months later Parsons is off of his crutches and even playing pool basketball and looking just fine physically. Maybe the surgery wasn’t as severe as the media seemed to make of it, which isn’t their fault when the team doesn’t reveal any details.

If that’s the case and if Parsons will indeed be ready for the regular-season opener then that helps the Mavs in their recruiting pitch in face-to-face meetings with DeAndre Jordan, LaMarcus Aldridge and others.

Dirk Nowitzki will always be the face of the Dallas Mavericks franchise but even he admits he can’t be the best player on a championship team at the age of 37, he needs help. Also Nowitzki isn’t the recruiter Parsons is turning out to be which is no knock against the big German but a credit to Parsons.

Chandler Parsons still has a lot to prove on the court as he continues to progress to an All-Star level but off the court it already seems as if he’s one of the best.

The stage is set for him to lead this Mavericks team into the future, DeAndre Jordan going to Dallas would be a good start.