Tyson Chandler thank you letter

First things first have to give a HUGE THANK YOU to the best center that has ever put on a Dallas Mavericks uniform in Tyson Chandler, good luck in Phoenix big man you’ll do great. Even though the painting was on the wall it’s never easy to say goodbye when reality hits and that was the case for all Mavs fans when they heard of Tyson Chandler leaving Dallas to go to the Phoenix Suns.

Tyson Chandler was the final piece to the 2011 championship team and brought a toughness and presence in the interior that had been sorely lacking during Dirk Nowitzki’s tenure. Chandler eventually signed with the New York Knicks after the Mavericks decided it’d be best to pursue Dwight Howard in free-agency instead and the rest is history.

Mavs fans were ecstatic when the Mavs traded FOR Tyson last summer to everyone’s delight and he was nothing short of fantastic his second 1-year stint in Dallas. He played heavy minutes at the center position with little backup from the bench and was great. He was rejuvenated and could be argued that he was even better this time around then he was back in 2011. Then injuries’ starting nagging Chandler around the All-Star break and it was evident that he was struggling having the same explosiveness on a night in and night out basis.

Tyson Chandler was relied on too heavily to defend the paint throughout the season and it was a problem down the stretch. He was outplayed by Dwight Howard and the Rockets frontline in the first round of the playoffs but it wasn’t all his fault as it was clear that Dirk Nowitzki was becoming a big liability defensively against the Rockets long athletic frontcourt.

Nonetheless Chandler never complained and continued to lay it all out on the line night in and night out and displayed great leadership, something that will be certainly missed in the locker room.

The Mavericks are putting all their eggs into one basket as now their only open at center is making sure they sign DeAndre Jordan away from the Los Angeles Clippers. It’s certainly a gamble no matter how many dinners Chandler Parsons has had with Jordan.

Regardless of what happens Tyson Chandler was a class act and a true professional throughout the season and after the postseason when all the rumors of DeAndre Jordan being courted by the Mavericks started to take place.

I was at Dirk’s Heroes Celebrity Baseball game and remember Tyson saying he understood it’s a business and never held it against the Mavs or made any negative comments. He enjoyed being part of the game and interacted with so many fans signing autograph after autograph unlike another Mavs free-agent who elected to simply not show up at all(you know who I’m talking about).

Unfortunately the NBA like anything else is a business but losing Tyson Chandler for a SECOND time isn’t easy to cope with. Thank you Tyson for what you brought to the Mavs and always playing your heart out, we’ll always remember.

Mavs fan for life.