Mavs fan letter to DeAndre Jordan

Dear DeAndre Jordan,

I’ll refrain from any derogatory comments in this letter and remain as professional as possible, something I learned during my time at Texas A&M. Maybe you should’ve stayed longer than one year in College Station don’t you think? Who am I kidding I can’t be a complete professional here because I, like most Mavs fans, am filled with anger and disappointment in how you handled this situation.

It would’ve been OK if you had come outright from the beginning and said you needed more time to make a decision rather than verbally agree to come to Dallas when you were clearly not ready to commit. It would’ve even been OK if you chose Los Angeles from the get go instead of pulling the rug from underneath us at the last possible second. Sure it would have hurt but the pain would’ve been compressed and we’d be more upset at our own organization and front office for constantly striking out at the ‘big fish’ each and every summer. Instead you gave Mavericks fans hope. Hope that the Mavericks would be able to feature a young core of Wesley Matthews, Chandler Parsons and DeAndre Jordan and optimism for the upcoming season and beyond.

Now we have to regroup and prepare ourselves mentally for the ugliness that is sure to unravel this upcoming season with our beloved legend and sports hero Dirk Nowitzki having to settle for such treacherous circumstances. It’s the last thing we wanted for Dirk but unfortunately we have no other choice.

Your indecisiveness can only be mirrored by a 17 or 18 year old high school recruit’s inability to decide on which University he’ll choose to play for and even then I’d like to think they handle it with more maturity then you displayed in this situation. And need I remind you they’re only 17 years old and age is and inexperience is an excuse in their situation. Can’t even answer the phone and inform Mark Cuban and your supposed ‘friend’ Chandler Parsons that you changed your mind? How much more childish can you really get?

All it took was for Doc Rivers to say I’m sorry I didn’t know you wanted to be featured more in the offense. Really? What kind of coach doesn’t know or understand what his own players want?

All it took was for Chris Paul to show up in his banana boat and say that he didn’t know you had such negative feelings towards him and he apologies for that. Really? He’s suppose to be the leader of your franchise and the one that leads you to the promise land. Good luck with that.

You said you wanted to be ‘the man’ but you go back to a team where you’re the fourth offensive option on a good day. Really?

Maybe you’ve overrated your ceiling playing potential and realized that you’re not cut out to be ‘the man’ and if that’s the case the Mavericks are better off without DeAndre because that’s a loser’s mentality if I’ve ever heard of one. If you truly wanted to have a bigger role and be that alpha dog then coming to Dallas was your best choice. There was a fan base here that was ready to welcome you with open arms and cheer and support you as you try to make that leap to stardom.

Yes the Clippers are a better team right now and are legit championship contenders but the Mavericks have had the better track record when it comes to winning. There’s a history and foundation that’s already been built here unlike in Clipper land where they have as many championship rings as I currently have in my sock drawer.

You’re 26 years old DeAndre maybe it’s time you learn a little bit more of what it means to be a professional because you certainly didn’t showcase it over the last 24-48 hours and certainly didn’t learn that during your time in Texas A&M.

You’ve acted selfishly as your decision has now made you into more of a Joker than a ‘Batman’ as you so proclaimed. You wanted the spotlight on you and well now you have it, but not in the manner in which you had hoped for.

A man’s integrity is only as good as his word. If you don’t have your word what do you really have? What do you really have DeAndre Jordan?