Mavs in season-saving mode

Just when you thought it was safe to go back into the water.

A week ago Owner Mark Cuban and the Dallas Mavericks were celebrating reeling in NBA Free Agency big fish DeAndre Jordan. Days later they are sitting on the dock of the bay – watching the tide, Jordan, and potentially their season – roll away.

In a stunning turn of events, Jordan belly flopped in the NBA Free Agency waters, turned around and bit Shark Cuban, and the Mavericks’ upcoming 2015-16 season is officially up in the air.

Whose at fault in the NBA’s version of “The Young and the Restless “– and lets be clear we all know its chaos-button pushing- I’m-a-Clipper-no I’m-a-Maverick-wait-I’m- a Clipper-again-De-Andre-Jordan- is of less concern to the Mavericks at this point than salvaging the season.

The team finds itself catapulting from the top of this summer’s Free Agency Mountain to the valley and scrambling to save their season.

Thanks to Jordan’s shenanigans, the Mavs have to rely on Zaza Pachulia to play center and somehow pull a winning roster together in the next couple of months.

In the summer that was, then wasn’t again, the one free agency haul is Wesley Matthews who is expected to sign his four-year contract Thursday. He is the only projected starter sure to be on contract beyond next season. But fan favorite and star center Tyson Chandler? Gone. Again.

Energizer Bunny off the bench Al-Farouq Aminu? Gone.

Scoring Machine Monta Ellis. Gone.

Mavs had their sights on Jeremy Lin as point guard but adding insult to injury, he announced, as Jordan-gate was unfolding, that he was signing with the Charlotte Hornets.

The Mavericks 2015-16 season never looked any bleaker: Owner Mark is talking the “T” word (tank). It’s Coach Rick Carlise’s final year in his contract – and who knows how that will go? Dirk Nowitzki and Chandler Parsons can opt out of their contract at the end of the season. The Mavericks’ 2016 first-round draft pick will go to Boston in the ill-fated Rajon Rondo deal unless it is among the top seven in the lottery.

Cuban went on the record last week after the verbal commitment from Jordan and said it was mandatory the Mavs sign him. If they had not signed Jordan, Cuban said, the Mavericks would have been forced to consider tanking and “have our David Robinson season.”

A few days ago, they didn’t think they would have to consider tanking. Now, it’s up for debate. But what’s not is the fact that Jordan is now persona non grata in Dallas. And rightfully so.

Finish licking your wounds Mavs, then get up, shake the dust off your feet, go find a center and some other pieces to fill out the roster and try to save the upcoming season. There’s no other option.