D-Will to Dallas

After the debacle that was DeAndre Jordan. The Mavs are left with a bunch of questions and no answers. We traded a second round pick to the Bucks for Zaza Pachulia, he’s no DJ but there isn’t much option for Dallas and we must welcome him with open arms.

However, there may be a tiny bit of light at the end of the tunnel. Deron Williams has reached a buyout agreement with the Brooklyn Nets and is expected to come home and sign a two year deal in the 10 million dollar range with Dallas. Now, I know he isn’t what he was three years ago when we originally wanted him, but the Mavericks have a tendency to rehabilitate careers (Jason Kidd, Tyson Chandler, Vince Carter, etc). Also, at this point in time we need a decent point guard and he would be a major upgrade from what is on the market.

Williams averaged 13 points a game with over six and half assists last season and shot a career low 38 percent from the field. Those numbers don’t spell out All-star but we have a coaching staff led by Rick Carlisle that can work miracles with players and I expect D-Will to be successful in his first season with his hometown team.

Let’s welcome home Deron, MFFL’s and show people we won’t lie down and quit after being disrepected.