Can’t blame Tyson Chandler for leaving the Mavs

With the Dallas Mavericks taking on the Phoenix Suns Wednesday night, 10/28, for their first game of the season we were all reminded of the heartbreak that was this past offseason.

The whole DeAndre Jordan saga is one thing but when the smoke cleared and Jordan re-signed with the Clippers we were all reminded of losing the best center in Mavericks history for the 2nd time in the last 4 years, Tyson Chandler.

While many Mavericks fans are still mourning Tyson Chandler’s departure to Phoenix during the summer Chandler made sure he made his feelings loud and clear, he’s moved on.

Prior to the start of the Mavericks – Suns preseason game Tyson Chandler spoke with Suns media members to tell his side of the story.

“I definitely felt like, after winning a championship and help bring it there, that I was going to be there for the long run,” he said Tuesday. “I never heard of a championship team being broken up like that. When they traded for me to come back, I sat at the podium with everybody else and heard them say this was going to be a long-term deal and they weren’t going to make the same mistake as last time and blah-blah-blah. Seven months later, the same thing happens again. But I learned in this business that you can’t trust everybody. That’s why it is what it is.”

Chandler also made comments to TMZ shortly after DeAndre Jordan decided to backtrack on his decision to join the Mavs. He stated that Chandler Parsons was simply ‘butt hurt’ and Jordan had every right to make the decision that he did.

Now if any Mavericks fan out there feels hatred or anger towards Tyson Chandler’s comments Wednesday or to TMZ a couple of months ago I’m here to tell you that shouldn’t and that Tyson has every right to feel the way he does.

Chandler was the missing piece to the 2011 championship team and the defensive backbone that propelled the Mavericks to the title that season. He brought a toughness and nastiness that was sorely missing from previous Dallas teams as well as a leadership quality inside that locker room.

Tyson was that ‘significant’ other that you so called ‘loved’ and swore to never leave their side but when someone younger and hotter came around you kicked him to the curb in pursuit of something ‘better.’ In the Mavs case it was Dwight Howard in 2011 and then DeAndre Jordan in 2015, both times the Mavericks struck out and both times it was a slap in the face to Tyson Chandler’s pride and professionalism.

Chandler never complained once while he was in Dallas, even when the rumors of potential centers in free agency the Mavs could pursue. He went out every night and played his heart out and at many times last season had to carry the load defensively, more than should be asked of him. He even endured Cowboys receiver Dez Bryant promoting to the crowd at Dirk’s Celebrity Baseball game to tweet LeMarcus Aldridge and DeAndre Jordan to come to Dallas, talk about awkward for Tyson who was in the opposite dugout.

Mark Cuban said at players introductions last year that he had made a mistake letting Tyson go the first time and he had learned from his mistake but in the end Cuban decided to pursue a younger more athletic center but again it backfired. Chandler informed the Mavericks front office the night before free-agency started that he wasn’t going to sit around and be their backup plan and surely enough he did just that and signed with the Phoenix Suns.

Now you can’t completely blame  Mark Cuban and the front office for pursuing younger and more athletic centers while thinking about the long-term future. But unfortunately it just didn’t pan out how the Mavs had hoped. It was the smart thing to do and the most logical but it broke a bridge with Chandler that may take years to repair, although his respect and admiration for Dirk Nowitzki will never go away.

Tyson Chandler may sound salty but he has a right too, he gave it his all for the Dallas Mavericks organization and fans but was shown the door twice. But don’t hate or have animosity towards Tyson Chandler, he deserves more, he helped bring a championship to Dallas.